Site Rules

It is exciting to see new faces showing up here every day!  With this place growing (much faster than I expected I might add) I do want to lay out a few rules so that we do not have major clashes in personalities causing problems.  I hope you all understand.

  1. Introduction -  If you want to be a member of this site and its community I ask that you please try your very best to follow the rules.  I understand that from time to time you lose track of your emotions I just ask that you try your very best.  Not much else I can ask for.  I do not want to ban people from my site or from this community.  I am of the mindset that the more people we have the better it is.  So, let me get on to the important things.
  2. Conduct - If you want to be a member of the community I just ask that you follow a few pretty basic rules:
    1. No comments containing:
      1. Racism
      2. Sexism
      3. Religious Bigotry
      4. Homophobia
      5. Any other -ism or -phobia that you obviously would not say to someone in public.
    2. Be respectful of others.  If you come here to fight and bicker I would really prefer you remove yourself from the community so I do not have to.  There is a difference between debating/discussing and fighting.  Remember that the user you are speaking to is a human being sitting behind a keyboard just like you so please treat them as such.
    3. Ranting is OK. I have no problem if you want to rant about something in a comment so long as it isn't about a topic like religion or politics.  I do not even care if it is related to the topic covered in the article.  If you want to express your viewpoint on something that you feel is important I invite you to submit it to the site if you would like to. 
    4. Trolling is NOT OK.  If you are commenting for the sake of being a jerk to someone specifically or blatantly trying to fuel some silly console war type discussion similar to what you see on large game sites I have no interest in your contributions.  You are welcome to post anything you like, but if you become an obvious nuisance to the people on this site trying to have intelligent discussions you will be dealt with at some point.
    5. Basically just follow one golden rule and you will be just fine.  Just do not be a dick is all I ask and I think we will all get along just fine around here.  I really do not want to even have a rules list like this, but I have been a part of enough communities in the past to know that it is necessary.  If you only listen to one rule is is: Don't Be A Dick.
  3. Policy on moderating content and comments - It is going to be exceedingly rare that I moderate content on my site.  There are only going to be specific instances where I remove or edit content in any way and they are as follows:
    1. If there is a simple need for clean up.  Duplicate comments, blank comments etc.
    2. If someones private personal information manages to get published or linked in a post.  Not sure how that would happen, but if it does--of course, I will remove it ASAP.
    3. If someone posts a link or if I post something unknowingly that breaks an NDA of any kind.
    4. If someone links adult material.  We get it.  Men love looking at women and women, I presume, love looking at men while they are naked.  It is not hard to find.  Lets try to keep that off this site if we can.  
    5. If I can edit content without deleting it I will more than likely do that in any case that I can. 
  4. Accountability - If you are going to be a part of this community you are going to have to be accountable for your actions and the things you say/type.  If you post lies and fake information you will be recognized as such.  If you have inside information that you wish to share you are free to do that, but if you end up being wrong you open yourself up to the full scrutiny of people.  I go to great lengths to deal in facts and I encourage everyone else to do the same.  Speculation is just fine, but lets accepts it as such and not pretend that is has happened. 


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