About Me

Hello everybody.  My name is DollMytee.  Well--my real name is Adam, but that just isn't as interesting as referring to myself by my internet super-name now is it.  I guess this is the page of this dumb little blog where I am supposed to tell you a little bit about myself.  That sounds really easy, but there is one small problem for me.  I am just not all that interesting!

At the time of writing this I am 26 years old, newly married and have no kids.  I play videogames on a daily basis.  If you want to play with me you can find me at the following:
  • Xbox Live - Doll8313
  • Steam - DollMytee
  • Twitter - @DollMytee
So what is the aim of this site?  Mostly I just want to have a relaxed place to hang out and talk about videogames.  I will make no attempt to pretend that I do not like the Xbox brand more than the PlayStation brand.  I have always been an Xbox guy.  That being said I do not hate Sony or the PlayStation.  They make too many great games to hate them.  I just choose to play more games on my Xbox One is all.

So you like the Playstation brand?  Does that mean you are unwelcome here?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  I welcome anyone to come hang out on the site because community comes before console around here.  If you want to hang out and have a good time with people who just like games then this place is for you.  You are allowed to share your opinion for your love of Playstation just like anyone else is allowed to share theirs for Xbox or even PC.


  1. Well, sadly I received some pm messages in the last couple days from MisterC, and MisterX that have proven to me the site is a Joke. In their own words:

    MisterX: "If you insult insider, insult me. You may not have figure it out yet. People will think you stealth troll because you constantly question Xbox power and ignore many facts from time right before e3.

    I think you are in trap set by haters here and now became a double agent :)))

    So, saw secret footage but no insider info? Don't believe you. Seems like a troll."

    I'm positive MisterX just told me he and insider are the same. And then a follow up pm from MisterC, which made me more sad:

    "Its true, I talk in general about Local cloud and cloud with computation,

    You and every people that downplay X1 said eSRAM is Scratchpad, yes they correct about that , but certainly wrong in the assumption.

    It is stacked
    ALU stacked
    ESRAM stacked
    GPU stacked

    MS will not ever deny"

    This is after I asked him about 'stacked RAM' But we know MS confirmed it is not stacked months ago. He wrote many more posts to me for my questions, but after reviewing everything, honestly the math there is: 1+1 =1.3=4.5tf doubled to 10tf console... ::rolleyes::

    It's a sad departure for me, but all the real players with any real game connections (KingFat and others) were banned by now.

    I'm not banned, but I'm just not going back to this carnival any longer. Love X1. But that site does it no favors beyond making X1 fanatics look crazy.

    - Atech.

  2. ok then, grab some cotton candy and enjoy...

    1. What a strange part of my site to leave a comment on haha. What are you referring to?

  3. Hello Dollmytee,

    This is Madmax from livejournal. Please remove your privacy options for your messages. I would like to continue our conversations.

    Thanks, Madmax

    1. No thanks. You made your colors known. I have no interest in furthering a discussion with you. I blame myself for misjudging you as a level-headed person, but when you accuse someone providing facts of trolling you invalidate yourself to garnering any more of my time.

    2. Listen, I never said i believe the insider. I can look and see how the insider post. His writing style and the way he abbreviates/ misspells is very similar to a few other posters. I wont say who but i think you know.... : -)

      I don't mean to go off but i get frustrated like you on the bullshit that gets thrown around on the web. So i didn't mean to blow up on you. Listen anyone can claim there a insider. All they half to do is predict 50 different things and if one hits right then everyone claims the insider is legit. But you and me both know this isn't the case.

      I just enjoy the community there. And me and a few others that will remain unnamed understand how that site works. If you want to call him out that's your deal. Its the way you did it that got you banned.

      It just makes sense to me that Microsoft would have a way to monitor what there hardware is doing with the constant updates and tweaks to there sdk kits. But I could be wrong and ill except that.

      This was going to be my response to your email but you put up privacy restrictions and then left... Remember you contacted me..

    3. You are welcome to further this discussion on the post I made regarding the situation. Unlike that site I choose not to operate this place like a propaganda site for the Xbox One. People here are held accountable for what they say and we do not deal with anonymous insider bullshit.

      I do not give a damn what you feel towards MrX's site. I almost never read the comments there unless someone directs me to specifically.

      Here is your chance to say what you want to say. Your very own post.