Thursday, January 22, 2015

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. January 21st, 2015. MisterXmedia was right about everything he knew 4 hours before the show, but didn't post because.....NDA?

Seriously guys.  You cannot make this shit up.  This is so unbelievably funny that he is once again claiming he knew all along....but ah...he just didn't post it because of bad internet?  Enjoy!

Insider Daily. Pre 21 Jan bits. Illumiroom Fortaleza != Hololens. Steam remember Steam

Insider: I think we both know that e3 will be the power play. Because devs are working massive hours to get there games migrated over to win10 and dx12 .

i would start saving your money towards a 4k uhd television. It is time :)

I also know that in the next few hours there will be good news and a little bit of sour news in regards to pc gamers get some xbox games via apps. But e3 will be were games on x1 really kick it up a notch.... game on

I could See windows xbox phone getting announcements. But I cant be sure 100% because I am not the boss. :) plans are in motions to drive the xbox echo system forward. This is business and all extremely bad for sony fanboys in the long run.

:The PCie LAN bus is a possibility. But today will be more inline with win10 and winx integration cross app. And I expect ether win/xbox phone announcements. And or streaming to devices from x1. Due to the wifi/Bluetooth tech it's all ready set to happen. Vr/Ar is a good possibility. And with e3 coming there is bound to be movement within announcements. Phil is using a strategy and it's his show I think every body should not spoil the possibility's or the thunder. So I won't give you the what is going to happen line. I want Phil and xbox team windows team to really show people what is possible. Something's are good some won't be. This is really to show that xbox brand has matured into a well receipted product. and it has the wealthy not only asserts. But rnd and a joint effort across all of ms platforms. It's a well adjusted team and they shipped a windows box lets see them make it shine. and games are on so Gameon

Misterx: that was meant to be posted 4 hours before the show. dd not post evrything. In Thailand now. slow internet.
Insider:Illumiroom Fortaleza! = Hololens X1 plus win 10 GDc. E3 will be the powerplay . The bombs were dropped. Steam remember steam.

Gameon blog

Insider:Not a lot of xbox exclusives will end up on PC natively speaking. Stream tho yes. I said there would be ups and downs :)

Must feel good for a lot of you people on the blog who have had to put up with so much prejudice. And bullying out there. I believe this is the best community for xbox fans and I really want to see the community expand and for the individuals to keep working together. Gameon.


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