Monday, January 26, 2015

Dear MisterXmedia, what happened? Where is the 1080p for The Witcher 3? Why no DX12?

This is the kind of stuff that makes me laugh my ass off.  I admittedly do not follow MisterXmedia much anymore, but I read the news about The Witcher 3 being 900p on the Xbox One and immediately remembered this from MisterXmedia where he stated that the game was literally delayed to implement DX12.

IF the power he claims DX12 brings is all the game needed then they took a year to implement DX12 on the game and it is still only 900p on the Xbox One.  So what is it?  Is DX12 the next greatest thing in gaming and makes the Xbox One 4+TF.....or are you and your entire community full of shit?  Because it is either or....

You know what--while were currently pointing out bullshit.  Where is that resolution bump for Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 that was supposed to happen back in June or 2014?


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