Monday, December 8, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. December 8th, 2014. When the leaks are proven wrong, the frequency of posts increases. Must...bury...the...evidence!

I absolutely love days like today!  When MisterXmedia is proven wrong, backed into a corner and he someone manages to convince the dumbest of his followers that he was not wrong.  In case you're wondering what I am on about today let me tell you.  Street Fighter 5 is going to be a Playstation 4 exclusive game.  Whether it is a timed or full exclusive is not 100% sure, but even Phil Spencer seems to be talking like it is a full exclusive.

I do not know about you, but like I said; that does not sound like a guy who knows that the game is still coming to his console in the future.  For all intents and purposes I would say Street Fighter 5 is not going to show up on the Xbox One.  Yet you can be sure that MisterXmedia and friends will find some way to say that Phil is being cryptic about what he is saying and that is is still coming.  Bottom line is that MisterXmedia was completely wrong on this one yet again.

No only that, but at on point and time he was almost certain the Microsoft were going to be buying Capcom and/or Crytek.  Neither of those ever came to fruition.  He also never predicted Microsoft would be buying Mojang either.  He's be completely wrong on all of it from day one.

I'm not sure if it is more sad or funny.  Either way; here is the next Carnival of Leaks.  Enjoy!

Here is the original PDF file as always.


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