Monday, December 22, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. December 22nd 2014. DX12 and Windows 10 are X1? VR is coming and more hoopla.

Hey everyone.  MisterXmedia gave us a Christmas present a few days early this year in the form of a new post.  There is absolutely nothing in his post that wasn't already common knowledge or based on something else he made up in the past.  This post is talking about AR, which we already knew about, DX12, which we already knew about and some new UI's that are coming presumably in 2015; which we also knew about from Aaron Greenbergs Tweets a few weeks ago.  So really he is just late to the party as always.  He's taken public news and spun it into "Insider information."

Here is the original PDF.


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