Friday, December 5, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. December 4th, 2014. Waiting until E3 2015 for big reveal. Sony are liars and December 6th MisterXmedia becomes a legend...

What's up everyone!  I am a day late--again, but it is better late than never.  It seems that MisterXmedia is slowly building up the hype train again around the events in the coming months.  With the VGA's this weekend he is already saying that Sony is going to go out and lie to everyone--as you would expect him to say.  Basically the entire post is saying that the true power of the Xbox One will be shown of at this coming E3.  That is E3 2015.  I've used this phrase in the past, but I will use it here again.  He just loves to keep baiting that hook for his readers to keep coming back.

Here is the PDF for all of you fine folks!  Let's talk about it!

Remember way back this past summer when MisterXmedia was saying that Microsoft really wanted to buy Capcom and Crytek?  Here is the PDF of that post in case you cannot remember.  Well, it turns out that not only was MisterXmedia completely full of shit yet again, but Sony actually locked up exclusivity for the next game in the Street Fighter franchise.  That is a very far cry from being purchased by Microsoft.  I think it is safe to say, not that it wasn't back when he first said it, that there was never a purchase on the table for either Crytek or Capcom.  It was all a bunch of crap.

It is not as cool of a milestone as say 100, but this post is actually the 300th post on the site!


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