Tuesday, November 4, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. November 4th, 2014. Shenmue is not a Playstation game. Big surprise in Halo Master Chief and Xbox Slim is coming in 2 years.

Good morning faithful readers!  The latest Carnival Of Leaks post awaits!  

Basically in this post he said that Shenmue 3 is not going to be a Playstation game--at least that is what I gathered through his half-ass attempt at speaking English.  He then went on to say that the news about the new smaller chip in the Xbox One has nothing to do with the Xbox Slim.  A 20nm chip isn't the one that is going to make the Xbox Slim.  That is coming in 2 years when they release the 14nm Xbox One chip.

He then goes on to take a dig at Sony for Infamous: Second Son by comparing it to Sunset Overdrive which is laughably stupid considering the two games have drastically different goals, but oh well; what do I know.

Apparently there is a huge secret in Halo Master Chief Collection so we will have to wait a week to see that not come to fruition.

Lastly, you can make of this what you will.  Pretty much just the standard carrot on a stick stuff:

"Insider: Dynamic = old engine with basic dx11.3 optimization. No time. Cross gen will be finally dead @ e3 .. every game "next gen" game will be 10x better then the cross generation shovel fillers.
Insider: Rnd is going to redmond directly. And will be handed to a joint consortium. Mrc can tell you from his research who this consortium is houses."

There is it ladies and gentlemen.  Enjoy!

Be sure to check out the entire library of PDF's.  To avoid going back to his site I tend to just save them as a PDF to my Google Drive.  No sense in giving him more pageviews.


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