Monday, November 17, 2014

Farming Simulator 15 Impressions

For a person who absolutely hates farms and has no desire to ever step foot on one I oddly have to admit that I have had a fantastic time playing Farming Simulator 15!  No, seriously.  It is somehow quite fun when you are playing with a group of buddies and you can all just work away, chat and laugh at the same time.  That is the mode in which I played the game most.  I did play just the solo career as well, but I am a social gamer by nature so I had way more fun with buddies.


The game doesn't have amazing graphics and you probably shouldn't expect a game of this nature to.  The is not to say the game has bad graphics in any way; don't get that impression.  The games graphics do well enough for what the game is trying to be.  Let's put it that way.  One of the aspects to the game that really does stand out though is the models for all the pieces of equipment.  I put in a lot of my time using the Ponsse Scoripion King.  It is a logging machine and I have to say that there is some pretty incredible detail that went into modeling that particular piece of equipment.

Here is the actual sales page for the Ponsse Scorpion King.  Compare what you see there to what you see in this image taken directly from the game.  As someone who works directly with forestry equipment for a living I have to say that whomever put that model together did an incredible job.  I only use that particular set of pictures because I have experience with them in my everyday job, but all the models in the game are done just as well which makes you often time feel as though you are actually operating those obscenely expensive piece of equipment.    In the graphics department I would say that the game does a good job.  Not great, but good and when you play the game you realize that is all they really needed to do.

The games music isn't really meant to entice you or captivate you so there isn't much that I can say on this other than there is music in the game.  It is much more enjoyable to just listen to the roar of engines and machinery because the sounds of that is much more interesting than any soundtrack could ever be for a game of this type.

There obviously isn't much of a story in a simulator.  Basically you are given some simple equipment, a ready-to-harvest field and they send you one your way.  There are some side-missions/quests that spring up from time to time that you can do.  Those are almost like needy-neighbors asking for favors I guess.  They're not annoying or anything and they provide some small amounts of money.  In the early stages of the game they can really help out!  That is the extent though of what I would call story in this game.  It is a simulator after all.

For a game like this there is a staggering amount of things you can do.  It is called Farming Simulator 15, but one of the aspects to the game that I actually enjoy the most is the logging!  The aforementioned Ponsse Scoripion King is so much fun to operate.  Again, I have seen them in real life and there is no chance in hell I would ever be allowed to operate one so it is really cool to be able to use one in this game!  You can farm so many different crops from Corn, Wheat, Barley, Canola, Sugar Beats, Potatoes and you can even harvest grass.  The fun of the game comes from the switching that you will do in order to get the most profit for the work you are putting in.

When playing the game with friends this is how you can lose yourself in hours of fun while one friend works on one thing and you work on another.  In my gameplay we actually had 5 people playing together.  One was working on Canola, one on Wheat, one was our designated trucker who had to be Johnny on the spot to unload our harvesters one was our accountant and logging helper and I was logging.  When you have a group of friend working together and it all works like a well oiled machine the game becomes a lot of casual fun!

The controls are a little bit wonky I will admit, but they are not hard to get used to. There are a few choices they've made for which keys to press that have me scratching my head.  This is where the most frustration of the game will come from, but you do get used to it the longer you play.  The game uses a pretty normal WASD keyboard and mouse setup, but there are a few times where you've got to press keys that are on the right side of your keyboard which was a bit strange.

Lastly, the gameplay.  It does play well and they apparently have a new physics engine for this version of the game although I wouldn't even know what I am looking for if I am being honest.  When I run into someone we crash, when I go over a hill my vehicle may roll and to me that is physics haha.

I am not going to start handing out arbitrary numbers for games and stuff because I find that sort of thing completely worthless so what I will say is that this game is quite when when you add in the social nature of playing the game with your friends.  If you are into simulator games--go for it!


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