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With Phil Spencer's comments on DX12 it is time for the ceremonial moving of the goal posts over at MisterXmedia.

Ceremonial moving of the goal-posts over at MisterXmedia.Livejournal.COM
It has happened again.  MisterXmedia and his merry medley of morons were put back into their place by the guy sitting on the top rung of the Xbox ladder.  Mr. Phil Spencer himself!  Not that he hasn't already addressed this once before, if not twice actually, back in March when DirectX12 was announced, but lets visit this again. somehow landed an interview with Phil Spencer on their podcast yesterday.  First and foremost congratulations to those guys.  Getting the head honcho is a pretty nice notch to throw on the podcasting belt if I have any opinion to share on the matter.  During the course of the podcast some questions came up regarding DirectX12 on the Xbox One console.  His reply directly contradicts nearly everything that MisterXmedia's site is built up on.  I urge anyone to go read the post in its entirety at XboxMAD, but as I usually do I am  just going to share the major bullet-points here.

"...The platform makes progress and you kind of iterate over time, so its not like you reach one point where its just this big thing from upon high that everybody goes off and uses, that's just not the way platforms are built. More and more we are seeing first and third party take interest in using the tech we put out there."
This directly contradicts everything, let me emphasize that; ev-ry-thing, that MisterXmedia has been saying for over a year now.  That DirectX12 is going to release in full and it is game over for Sony and the Playstation 4.  That is fact.  He has said that on dozens of occasions.

"The dx12 gdc conference was totally geared towards taking back the market in regards to steambox and partners. Amd/ nvidia intel all three rivals on stage.. hhhmm its a clear message that ms is going no where.
mantel is low level api enhancing via drivers...
Dx12 is full api change.. new gfx tools which were not disclosed to public.. other then better culling which is straight up enhancment from any optimization. Which dx 12 is not optimization its full api re design. There is so much going on behind closed doors with engine and constructors apis stereo drivers.. there hasn't even been offloading done on x1 yet.. build will definitely see the swing from devs.. e3 will be hardware layers .. the reason is to end this debate for September mess world release the true date x1 was ment to releases. .. and the fact ap didnt correct mrx over twitter last week over stacked gpu dx 12 is because its true in term... but I would ask them about there hardware layers and if there going to unlock the extra layer in time for September e3..
Cos everything iv said is true.. by now you will see it takes time for stuff to officially surfers on the right channels. .. we have all proven sdf wrong on 50% more power when they quoted 8% and that was from some hidden hardware threads for kinect. dx12 + new drivers . Clock speeds.. ram... games.. even some developers are talking about hidden stuff officially. And I never said witcher 3 was canned for ps4.. I started the hold up was dx12.. and I stand by it will look better on x1 then ps4 when it releases next year.
You wanted a game changer you got one officially today.. 1080p is not a problem any more for x1 for 3rd party's ... e3 will have the answers you are waiting for. Its gojng to be that one more thing moment you have all been waiting for... but I would keep checking news today still more to come ... keep digging mrc.."
How exactly does DX12 change everything in insider's eyes, but Phil Spencer can flat out say that there is no single thing, referring to DX12, that just comes out and magically changes everything and everyone adopts it?  We have been listening to MisterXmedia for over a year now talk about how DX12 is going to absolutely crush Sony and their time is limited.  Phil's own words just completely contradict every single thing he has said for a very long time.  Not only that, but guys like smashmouth, itsplanetzero, mrc and others have been spewing the DX12 is going to change the world bullshit for a very long time as well.
December 13th, 2013: Source
"People do not seem to understand the big game changer is hsa and gcn 2.0.(The dedicated harware effects to offload gpu overhead amount to overkill and, in concert with the new coherent architecture will bury competitors, and impress technophiles with it's capabilities for years."
Nope.  That is 100% wrong, has been proven wrong and the line at MisterXmedia's site is that DirectX12 was going to be the final piece of the puzzle that unlocks all of this.  That is not going to be happening and Phil Spencer himself just blew this whole theory away yesterday in saying the following:

"Things i got asked early on are is DX12 going to change the graphical capability of the Xbox One, and I said it wouldn't. The CPU and GPU memory that is in an Xbox One does not change when you go to DX12. DX12 makes it easier to do some of the things Xbox One is good at, which will be nice and you will see an improvement in games that use DX12. People asked me at the time if that would be dramatic and I answered no and I would say the same thing now, but it will ease development for guys that are doing things on both PC and Xbox because if those two API's are the same then it's obviously less work for studio's to manage the difference between both platforms. Easier use of the hardware in both the Xbox One and PC, and easier common API for studios working on the two platforms can only be a good thing."

You've now heard it from literally the top person at Xbox!  This discussion is over.  DX12 is not going to unlock any super-secret power that will make the Xbox One more powerful than the Playstation 4.  The console is what it is and DX12 exists to make development easier on the console and on the PC front.  That is what DX12 will do. DX12 will not, and never was going to:
I could keep going on and on about this shit and pointing out the MisterXmedia and people who actually believe him are delusional as fuck, but the fact of the matter is that we all know it and they will just bury their heads in the sand anyway and do what they have always done.  Poke a hole and shove everyone through it.  Take the retarded X-villager Parasite76 for example.  Here is him creating hope for the blog for another day:
"Two things:He strongly hinted to forwards/backwards compatibilityHe only said the hardware inside won't change with dx12. That is a fact.
They never asked him about the hardware already inside the Xbox.Xbox one will already have most dx12 features before dx12 officially launches. The only thing different by then will be porting to and from PC and more platforms."
OK.  No, he never hinted in any way at forward compatibility.  He mentions backwards compatibility yes, but forward compatibility was never even hinted at.  That is a fucking pipe-dream of the retarded masses of believers over on that site.  There has never been a single mention of old games having improved graphics if they are played on the Xbox One.  The only way that happens is with HD remakes of games.  It doesn't magically happen just by putting a game onto a new console.

Here is another great example from VP37:
"I agree with what a lot of you guys are saying about Phils comments regarding DX12. I also think that a lot of people aren't looking at what DX12 will bring to the table in the correct way."
All you do is reframe the initial question and start pretending that the other facts do not apply to what you are saying.  That is what they've done over there for ages now!  Let's look at the next part of what he said:
"Phil said DX12 isn't going to change the hardware inside the X1, and he's 100% correct, it won't. However, when he used the comparison of Perfect Dark Zero to Halo 4 and the massive difference between those two games from the beginning of the generation to the end, he's telling us that DX12 will allow devs to fully utilize the hardware sooner and fully utilize the power of the hardware, which is great news."
No, that is not what he was saying.  He was saying simply that games have always improved over the course of the generation and DX12 is a stepping stone to make things easier.  Not that they can only fully utilize the power of the system with DX12.  Optimization has ALWAYS been what graphical improvements come from when things improve on a console.  Oh yeah, and he even said the improvements apply to PS4!  So your entire point is moot!

OK.  One more.  This one from JoseFajardo:
"There is a MASSIVE difference between using a decade+ old api like Dx11.x and a "new" api like what is being promised in Dx12 ..
And clearly not much of the HW is exposed yet to the majority of xbox one developers, especially the 3rd parties (from what some devs have already mentioned)..
Hence why we arrn't seeing many games use virtual texturing yet..

The api need to arrive to make this possible and at scale, and that's Dx12..
Anyone that tells you that a change in api wont matter is deluding you, its a big deal!"
NO ONE. I REPEAT. NO ONE is saying that DX12 will do nothing for the Xbox One.  A new API is going to make improvements.  What everyone in the rational world, PHIL SPENCER INCLUDED, is saying is that it is not going to do what some people think it is.  It is not going to make a massive difference where the system magically becomes 2.6TF's or anything like Mistercteam or Insider have claimed!

Also there is no hardware power that is being witheld from developers right now.  That would be stupid as all hell.  It makes no sense and it only serves to hurt the Xbox One console if they were to knowingly gimp people of what it is capable of--especially when the console is already playing catch-up in the market!  I will never comprehend the level of delusion it takes to be told that you are wrong and still continue on in the way that the people I just showed you do.  It really is perplexing to me.

So now that talk isn't about unlocking secret hardware power or massive improvements.  I guess it is about fully tapping the power that DX11 doesn't allow people to tap of the 1.3TF we know the system has.  This shit has gotten ridiculous.  I'm out!

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