Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Windows 10 and DirectX 12.

It looks like Windows 10 is going to be the floodgates for #DirectX12 making its way into the gaming world.  I have no information to support this, but my guess is that this also confirms that Xbox One will eventually have its operating system upgraded to a Windows 10 version in some way.  I am not exactly sure how that works with a console or even if it is possible, but if Xbox One fully supports DirectX12 and we currently do not get that it is sort of an assumption that Windows 10, in some way, is going to make its way onto the Xbox One console.

DirectX 12 and Windows 10

Here is something else to get a little excited about.  Unreal Engine 4.4 supports DirectX12 according to the DirectX Developer Blog on Microsofts site.

Unreal 4 Engine 4.4 Supports DirectX 12!
As we announced in our last blog post, members of our Early Access program who subscribe to Unreal Engine 4 can receive source access to the DX12 port of UE4. We’ve worked with Epic to create a DX12 branch on the UE4 GitHub repository.  This branch supports UE 4.4, the latest publically released version of the Unreal 4 Engine!  Come join our open development project and help make DX12 great!


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