Thursday, October 30, 2014

Slight change of direction for Dollmytee.COM.

Hello everyone!

Some of you may have noticed that I have become a little less frequent with my posts as of late.  I have even had a couple people emailing me to ask me if everything is alright.  I appreciate those of you for reaching out to me, but I assure you I am just fine and you've got nothing to worry about.  Everything is great in my world.  But, there is a reason why I have been posting less and I would like to explain.

All of this craziness with Gamergate has really gotten me thinking about what I want to do with this site moving forward.  For the last 6 months it's primary focus has been having an open discussion about claims made by another blog.  With all the negativity going on with Gamergate I have been struggling with the reality that me writing about MisterXmedia is really just not doing anyone any good.  Now; that being said, the discussions that we are having here are absolutely worthwhile.  So I am going to do things a little bit differently moving forward and it is going to stay this way.  I want the discussions to continue, but I do not need to add my own commentary in a post anymore.  So what I am going to do is sort of what I have been doing only slightly more simplistic.

Moving forward what I am going to do is just put a title to the article.  Then write a short summary of what he said in proper English.  I will then link the PDF of his post and that will be the extent of it.  My commentary stopped serving a purpose on the Carnival Of Leaks posts quite a while ago and I apologize for not recognizing that sooner.  Recently I have been just linking to a PDF and that is what I am going to do moving forward.  If you are interested in viewing some of the others here is my ever growing PDF Library.

OK, now that addresses the giant elephant in the room that is my coverage of MisterXmedia.  The discussions are going to be here.  They're not going anywhere.  I am just going to step out of the way and let the discussion go on its own without my commentary of the posts.

Now about me and what I will be doing...

This blog is going to go back to what it was.  A place where I can blog about games, music, comics and really anything else the catches my interest.  If you guys care to discuss those sorts of things that is awesome.  If you only want to hang out on the days that I write about MisterXmedia then that is totally cool too.  The community here is still strong and the people coming to the site every day are all awesome.  I love chatting with you guys and I hope that continues long into the future!

To sum up all of this basically things are going to be the same, but different.  The talking about MisterXmedia is still going to happen.  I am just not going to project my opinions on them.  You're going to see a lot more posts about other topics in gaming.  Other than that it is the same old Dollmytee.COM.

Hope you guys continue to enjoy the site!


Adam D


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