Monday, October 13, 2014

People need to realize that a lack of denial or condemnation is not a confirmation or endorsement.

I have basically been stewing on this post for four days now and how I wanted to address it.  At first I wanted to put out the post first thing on Friday when I saw it.  Then I wanted to wait it out and see how the crowd of people reacted to it.  I have been trying to do less of the "bull in a china shop" approach to my posting lately though so I kept my fingers off my keyboard and waited until today to write about it.  I am referring to the tweet from @Parasite76 to @XboxP3 regarding insiders releasing information.

There is this weird thing with the people who believe MisterXmedia where they treat any answer as a confirmation of their message as a whole and not a direct response to the context of what they are asking.
That was the initial question.  It was a fair question actually.  Do how do you feel about people who have connections and leak information to the public.  It wasn't about MisterXmedia specifically.  It wasn't a passing message about the agenda of MisterXmedia and his site.  Just simply asking how he feels about people who leak information.  Here was his reply:
It seems pretty straight forward.  He doesn't have any issues with people who happen to know things and leak them.  Do you know why that is?  Because the people with the most important knowledge aren't leaking stuff!  Phil Spencer on his way to the head of Xbox next once sat down behind a computer and leaked vital information to his buddy who owns an Xbox fan blog.  I guarantee you that never happened.  Same with Major Nelson or any other top guy at Microsoft.  That doesn't happen.  People who are not loyal to their company eventually get found out.  That is all the more reason why a guy like insider absolutely has to be bullshit.

Does anyone really think that a guy leaking information on "secret" hardware, or hardware setup, in the Xbox One would not have people coming after him trying to find out who is leaking it?  Not only that.  This same insider alleges to have knowledge of just about every game coming out soon and even years to come.  He knows about business deals before they happen and he alleges to know what is going to be revealed at literally every single major trade-show in the industry.  That guy, if he even exists, is not a low level Microsoft employee.  They do not have random god damn Joe jet off all over the world to look at games first hand. They are not telling the janitor that they are about to aquire Mojang.  They are not telling the guy operating the food truck on campus that Tomb Raider is going to be an exclusive title.

For any one person to know all of this stuff they would literally have to be sitting in on all the major meetings at Microsoft or be so close with the likes of Phil Spencer that he is telling them about all of this stuff.  It is just not possible.

Here is something else to consider.  Parasite76 asking that question and getting an answer is really impressive.  For Phil to address something such as that actually is surprising.  One important thing to consider though is that it is an almost certainty that Phil Spencer does not know that Parasite76 is affiliated with MisterXmedia.   In fact--I would say it is a guarantee.  Unless Phil actively follows Parasite76 there is no way in hell that he would know and I guarantee you Phil does not track the guy.  Why in the hell would he?  To say that Phil's response is in any way a validation of Parasite76 or more so the agenda of MisterXmedia is just as ridiculous as the claims MisterXmedia's site makes them-self.

So.  Just so we are all extremely clear here.  Phil Spencer is perfectly fine with people that have leaked stuff thus far.  I would guess that he has heard of MisterXmedia at this point, but due to the fact that nothing substantial has actually been released he has said nothing about it.  Parasite76 comes along and asks him about it and naturally his answer is he does not see a problem with it because nothing major or real has been leaked thus far.

Phil Spencer's twett did not endorse, legitimize or even acknowledge the crack-pot theories of MisterXmedia and his merry band of gullible goons.  THAT IS A FACT.

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