Friday, October 3, 2014

Investigation of Parasite76's claims regarding The Witcher 3.

I made an attempt to follow up with the claim you see above.  I sent the following email to the guys at CDProjektRED:

Good morning CDProjeckred!
I am writing to see if I can get any sort of comment on a claim that has been made about your upcoming game The Witcher 3. There is a guy on Twitter who goes by the name of Parasite76 and he likes to claim he has insider information in the gaming industry. He most recently said:
"I'm being told Witcher developers very recently had a "OH SHIT" moment with new Xbox sdk. Of course NDA is the name of the game. :)"
Link to source
I am curious if you can comment on any part of this? Did you just recently get a new SDK from Microsoft even? Or is there actually an NDA in existence that would keep you from talking about something like this if you wanted to? People like this Parasite76 guy love to make claims like this and then say there is an NDA in place that prevents them from giving more information. I would, for once, like to track one of these claims as far as I can and report on if there is any truth at all to them.

Any comment or input you can give me on this would be very much appreciated! Thank you so much for your time! Good luck on the rest of the development of The Witcher 3! I am really looking forward to it!
This was the reply I got:
"Dear Adam,
We do not comment on statements coming from sources like the one quoted by you.

Best regards,
I honestly did not expect much just because what Parasite76 was saying is in that factual grey area the he and other alleged insiders like to operate in.  They deal in information that companies are never willing to come out and verify, but there is usually a 50/50 shot of it being true so they can build a reputation off of minor things like this.  The Witcher 3 has been rumored for a while to be getting some increases in resolution and/or framerate on the Xbox One so if it does end up happening I guess he can claim he was right and he keeps up the illusion that he has inside information.  

This is about the best I will be able to do in this regard.  I tried ladies and gentlemen.   


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