Monday, October 6, 2014

Parasite76 has no legs to stand on when it comes to leaking information. Let's talk about that!

Last Friday I wrote a short post covering my attempt to get an answer from CDProjektRED in regards to some claims that were made by a [wannabe] industry insider going by the name of Parasite76 on Twitter.  Just for those of you not up to speed.  Here is what he said:
In usual fashion he is making a claim, but has absolutely nothing to back it up in any way, shape or form.  Not only that, but this is a completely unverifiable claim on his part because none of these companies ever comment on rumors such as this.  Which is completely understandable.

There is one way to find out if there is any truth to what he is saying though and that is so analyze what he has said in the past to see just how accurate he actually is with the things that he leaks.  Thankfully there was some person  who commented on the investigation post last week with a link to an anonymous pastebin where he went and checked all the claims Parasite76 has made.

All the confirmed and (so far) unconfirmed tales of wannabe industry insider @parasite76, taken from the now-suspended Twitter account of @parasite000 and in some cases slightly expanded due to no character limit. Truth will always prevail, you dimwit. :)

Confirmed LIE:

.@parasite76 said Watch_Dogs will be 1080p/60fps on XBO & the better looking version in June 2013. LIE. --

.@parasite76 said "Ubi cannot show x1 version (of Watch_Dogs) because it is way ahead of ps4 and it even shows it at pre alpha!". LIE. --

.@parasite76 said "at hot chips 2013 You are going to see stacked and you're going to see gcn 2.0." LIE. --

.@parasite76 said "One thing is Halo 5 trailer on launch week.". Trailer was shown at E3 2014. LIE. --

.@parasite76 said "don't think for a second titanfall is 720p. All second wave games 1080p30 or 60fps." It was 792p.

.@parasite76 said XBO has 12GB RAM, 4 of which are not DDR3. Nope. LIE. --

.@parasite76 said BF4 XBO is 1080/60fps, better particle system & lighting. Nope. LIE. --

.@parasite76 said "nda is still 09/21. after that zero restrictions on what can be discussed." There's no NDA. LIE. -

.@parasite76 said Sony "threatened to pull marketing funds" for AC Unity if it doesn't get parity with the superior XBO version. Turns out, MS is Ubi's marketing partner for AC Unity. LIE. --

.@parasite76 said "wd will have a better framerate and richer textures on x1." LIE --

.@parasite76 said "patches for launch games are definitely going to happen" (killer instinct, dead rising 3). LIE. --

.@parasite76 said "forza 5 just getting started. look for more than just cars and tracks soon". No other DLCs. LIE.

.@parasite76 said much-rumored "gta5 directors cut by July (2014)". Nope. LIE. --

.@parasite76 said DX12 upgrades for launch games coming "Before e3 is the plan so far". Nope. LIE. --

.@parasite76 said raytracing at E3 "will be showed in one major 1st party exclusive but ms will not even mention it as such." (1/2)
.@parasite76 said it's "quantum break" & "Look for controlled leak happening around end of April." Nope. LIE -- (2/2)

.@parasite76 said in Mar'14 Ubisoft "are seeing Huge performance increases (30-45%)" with new SDK. WD was 900p/30fps when it launched in May. LIE

.@parasite76 said "devil third" will be on stage at MS E3 2014. Was later revealed as Wii U exclusive. LIE. --

.@parasite76 said in May 2014 Wolfenstein & Watch_Dogs will look better on XBO than PS4. Nope. LIE. --

.@parasite76 said DR3, Frostbite 3, CryEng "going to take adv. of x1 architecture" in Oct'13. Dead Rising 3 and games with these engines were sub-1080p. LIE. -

.@parasite76 in May 13' cites a "friend" (HAHA) XB1 dev kits have 8GB GDDR5, final kits will have 8GB of new type of RAM. Is DDR3 new? (1/3)
.@parasite76 "quoted" him: "durango was an engineering marvel, could do things not possible on gaming pc for the next year atleast." (2/3)
.@parasite76's tales of friends he doesn't have can be read here, by the way: (3/3)

.@parasite76 said in May '13: "new (XB1) kit performs circles around the old kit that had 2 7970s" Yeah. No. LIE. -

.@parasite76's "friend" about XBO TFLOPS: "I wouldnt be surprised if its double digits". Great sources, buddy. LIE -

.@parasite76's friend of a friend "at ubi told him ps4 development almost came to a halt on Watchdogs because of serious bottlenecks." (1/2)
.@parasite76 "The X1 version was gold. the Xbox team may incorporate TR with 6 months extra time." Nope. LIE. - (2/2)

Okay, here's one @parasite76 got right: "my own sources company will announce the next saints row soon. he is going to e3 (2014)." (1/3)
It wasn't the "next" Saints Row though, but a remake of the last for PS4 and XBO. And it was announced a few months later around gamescom. @parasite76 (2/3)
But hey, Saints Row is right, my man @parasite76! Wait, Koch Media bought the franchise from THQ? Very bold prediction then, buddy! Who would've thought Koch will continue the franchise after they bought it for a few million!


.@parasite76 said Forza 6 may "not be a disc release at all, instead it will be a dx12 patch to 5 and include around 20 More tracks, full time of day changes, dynamic and geography based weather and major changes to multiplayer. This came through my source and timeline is spring 2015." Very unlikely. --

.@parasite76: A Red Dead trailer was supposed to be shown at E3 2014, along with a "Red Dead Remastered". No announcement so far.

.@parasite76: "I am told assassins creed unity is already exposing the last gen bottlenecks of ps4."

.@parasite76: Final Fantasy VII remake is co-funded by Microsoft and will be exclusive to XBO. No announcement has been made so far.

.@parasite76: His "source" claims GTA V will be 1080p on XBO.

.@parasite76: "forward compatability is getting closer", claimed in May 2014. No official announcement has been made so far. (Hint: BAHAHAHAHA)

.@parasite76: The next Red Dead game will allegedly be called "Red Dead Rebellion". I'm sure the Sniper Elite 3 guys will be happy.

.@parasite76: Kameo 2 is happening. Sooooon. #believe #and #dance #the #YMCA

.@parasite76 allegedly heard "talks" about Microsoft acquiring Insomniac. None about Mojang, though? Where has your friend been this time, buddy?

.@parasite76: Microsoft plans to introduce a subscription service: Get the XBO for free by signing up to five years of XBL. Not happened yet

Long story short @Parasite76 is an absolute nobody.  He is a wannabe internet loser who tries to play it off like he has inside connections.  He's said that his source has first hand knowledge of Saint Row development.  So why in the world would he know about Sunset Overdrive?  Halo: Master Chief Collection?  Watchdogs?  or any of those other games?  That is a clear sign of someone who is full of shit and making things up for attention.  Hell; even CDProjektRED feel he is a nobody which is exactly why they told me "We do not comment on statements coming from sources like the one quoted by you."

We are no doubt going to be paying attention to the things he says just so we can prove him wrong, but I wouldn't even take what he says with a grain of salt.  I just wouldn't take what he says at all because it is a pile of fertilizer.  Even if he does get something right in the future.  Just remember--even a broken clock is right twice a day!


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