Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MisterXmedia doesn't understand that that Phil Spencer did not just validate Parasite76 or his site in any way.

There is something exciting about having a brush with fame.  Especially for regular people like those of us on this site.  Getting to meet someone famous or influential can be one of the more exciting things in this world.  I personally have not met many famous people.  A few hockey players for the Minnesota Wild and the Bass player for my favorite band H.I.M. are about the pinnacle of my run ins with well known people.  But I do not say that to brag about the few extremely insignificant meetups I have had.  I shared that because even after I met those guys I understood that by the time I got to my car they had probably already forgotten about me.

I could live in delusion and tell myself that I am now I close friend of the band or that I am friends with some professional hockey players.  The reality is that I don't because I am not a whore for stardom.  Which is why I find the way MisterXmedia and Parasite76 are acting on Twitter and his site to be sad, pathetic, desperate and dishonest.  I wrote a post on Monday entitled "People need to realize that a lack of denial or condemnation is not a confirmation or endorsement." In which I pointed out that Phil Spencer just happened to give someone a reply regarding a question about industry insiders leaking information.  Phil Basically gave an answer saying he didn't mind them and I basically made the point that there is a reason why he said what he did and that was because there has yet to be any major information leaked by any of these people.  If you are not up to speed please take a minute and read through the old post.

Now we fast-forward to today.  And this is the latest update from MisterXmedia:
"Misterx: If read Phil between the lines he wants more Xbox leaks they can't talk theirself about.
Also for me it seems as a coordinated action from insiderX(@parasite76 and Phil :)
There is more on that. Remember Parasite said who he thinks is OG insider is - XXXXX XXXXXXXXX.
Seems like Phil and Xbox need more help from Insiders and they want/already have their own controlled one. Always had but now decided to use it too while NDA lasts and sales are not good for Xbox One.
Just my thoughts. Not 100% sure in anything. But there is a lot has happed for me to think that way. OG Insider could go away. Will be parasite only tweeter for insider leaks."
Is this guy serious!?  How exactly do you draw that conclusion above from what you see here:
All Phil Spencer said was that he doesn't have any issues with people leaking things.  This means either the stuff being leaked isn't important or there hasn't been anything truly leaked at this point in his eyes.  I do not know what MisterXmedia read between those lines, but Phil Spencer absolutely, without a shadow of doubt, did not say that he wants people to start leaking more information because he is bound by an NDA.

Then there was this gem, "Also for me it seems as a coordinated action from insiderX."  Parasite said on more than one occasion that his contact works for volition on the Saints Row games.  Those guys are not getting information spread to them about 1st party games and anyone who says they are is full of shit.  There is no way that Parasite76, or his "contact", have the ear of Phil Spencer.  That is a flat out god damn lie.  So the notion that this line of Tweets was a coordinated action between Phil and Parasite76 is a gigantic load of bull.
"Seems like Phil and Xbox need more help from Insiders and they want/already have their own controlled one. Always had but now decided to use it too while NDA lasts and sales are not good for Xbox One."
No, they do not need your help.  They are able to control any message they want.  It is their message for god sakes.  Why on earth would Phil Spencer need a bunch of people leaking information that is alleged to be under and NDA?  Do you know what the result of a broken NDA can be?  It is legal action against the people under NDA.  Breaking an NDA agreement be it Phil Spencer or a random jackass on Twitter is still a broken NDA in the eyes of legal teams.  Not only that, but the message Phil Spencer DID reply to did not mention the word NDA!  All you dumb fools on MisterXmedia's site who are trying to correlate the two are trying to pour 500 extra words into the guys mouth after he only responded with 140 characters.

Let me spell all this out crystal clear for people who actually believe there was more to Phil Spencers Tweet than meets the eye...

As far as leaks go there has yet to be anything major to come out from any person working on the inside.  If all this talk about the consoles power being 2-3 times what we believe had any level of truth to it they would have been on the hunt for "insider" a long damn time ago.  Especially if there were an NDA, which there is not, getting people to remain silent on the matter.

Phil Spencer replying to Parasite76 was in no way a validation of MisterXmedia or even Parasite76 himself.  It most certainly was not a cryptic way for Phil Spencer to publicly awaken the insiders of the world in a call to arms.  That is all bullshit that was stuffed into any crack that MisterXmedia, Parasite76 or any of the other idiots who believe his nonsense could find.

If a reply to a Tweet is an absolute confirmation then by their own admission "Insider" was proven to be absolutely full of shit when I got a direct reply from Cliff Bleszinki regarding his game and the lies they were spreading about it.  Because I absolutely proved him wrong and shredded him to pieces with facts directly from the horses mouth on that one.


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