Monday, October 27, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. October 24th, 2014. Blah blah blah, fart sound. Blah Blah blah, Xbox One is more powerful than the ISS blah blah. And more bullshit.

It's here.  Enjoy the laugh everyone!  Since this Insider Daily was shorter than normal I will just post the whole thing and let you guys break it down on your own.  Hes just full of shit so I do not think I really need to prove that at this point.  Enjoy!

Insider Daily
"Misterx: If only industry will move that way. Even if tech is superior from MS "no MS" wibe and mentality is strong...will be interesting to see how it is possible for MS make dx12 successful. There was a clue in that pirat island pic about dates...something in jan-Feb "to talk more about Xbox"

Insider: It's early mrx. It could have been worse if ms didnt launch early. It would have given sony a free pass.
The supersecrite xbox program is in corrallation with the truth seeked here on the blog. The date may change tho but it's an intercaton of change.
Dx12 is not the big weapon against sony. It's is the fact that x1 is full hardware accelerated architecture design specificly to Handel dx revisions. Reprogramable architecture. Fpga 50 coprocessors.
NDAs wouldn't be needed if it was just a 1.3tf console. But more and more things are happening that prove this.
I have been told that we shouldnt be harsh against the devs who are not up to scratch.
It's mainly licensing agreements
With a hardware manufacture that has heald up transitions. Ms want it out early and these 3rd party company's had there timed agreements. Court and the sell off to a sertion foundry also heald up true hardware implementation. Beta tested in the future.
Insider: Phil dropped the biggest hint. They couldn't ship a 3tf console for 99$ Do the math. X1 is not 99$ :)


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