Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival of Leaks. October 20th, 2014. Phil Spencer lied about DX12, Squirrel defense from MisterXmedia and a travel ticket conspiracy is afoot!

Here it is gang.  Come one, come all.  Get it while it is still a steaming pile of hot garbage.  The latest keyboard seizure from MixterXmedia and his merry band of wonder-tards is up for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy

Here is the original source PDF.

MisterXmedia has once again pulled a old trick out for this post.  Remember when he was dead wrong about DX12 and Phil Spencer made sure to come out and say that a second time last week on The Inner Circle Podcast?  Do you know what MisterXmedia likes to do when it is wrong?  He uses what I coin the "Squirrell!" defense.  Basically he will keep talking, talking, talking and talking about something until he is proven wrong.  He then quickly jumps to a new topic.  His topic of choice in this case almost always tends to be slamming Sony rather than answering questions.  That is exactly what he did again with this post.  Instead of answering the slew of questions people have he just banned the dissent and starts slamming Sony yet again.

The reason he does this is because he knows the crowd of people on his site.  Mainly because he has custom tailored it to his liking by banning anyone who asks questions or tries to poke holes in his theories.  He does not run an open discussion website.  He runs an internet work camp.  You go there.  You serve your purpose of fulling his comment section, but eventually you are banned and forgotten to history.  That is just the way his site operates.  Yet--every single time he is proven wrong he takes a few days off, then writes a scathing post about how terrible Sony are and the rest of his retarded followers go right back to:

Now that we've gotten that out of the way let me break down his latest pile of steaming shit for you lovely folks.  There isn't much here this time.  It was mostly a post to cool down the people on his site and keep them from asking more questions about why Phil Spencer just said the exact opposite of every single thing he's been claiming 6 months now.

"Insider: The unity team had done primary test on gpu frame rates. Both gpu are hitting 100fps. But this is engine test calculations. Not real world numbers as optimisation could be. Incorporated into this numbers. But as unity is very heavily CPU bottlenecked it becomes harder for devs to push CPU and memory read cycles. Ps4 and x1 are very different architectures. In its primary dx11 development environments there is no CPU read write to esram. There is two CPU cores locked from gameos. And one core is main thresh core."
There is more to this part of his post, but lets just be honest.  It is all technical horseshit that is almost guaranteed to be wrong so I am not even going to do it justice by quoting it fully on my site.  Literally every part of what he is saying is false.  Ubisoft did a massive panel at GDC 2014 where they spoke about the painstaking effort they have put into transitioning the cloth simulation they do to the GPU FROM the CPU.

Yet--here we are where MisterXmedia is saying that the CPU of the Xbox One is practically made for doing it, but because it is currently only operating with DX11 and small parts of DX12 that explains why it gets crushed in comparisons.  Lets just call his statement what it is.  A deflection from having to admit that he was completely wrong.  Not only that, but he acts as though he just brought this up willy-nilly as a matter of fact when it was all over Reddit days ago.  Yet another case of him repackaging news and calling it insider information.  What a douche!
"Insider: By not having to use progressive scan filters means less memory stalls. And the biggest notice of 1080i on games is jaggedly edges and blurred frame interpolation effects. As the progressive scan frame enhances the frame to frame quality and smoothness in the 60/50hz. This is how every all adding up to show that Sony are cutting corners to keep pushing the 1080p hype train. Ms how ever are developing there games quality to not cutback but to learn and offload bottlenecks and stalls. The dx11.3 has a memory recourse altercation debug. This will stop memory stalls. It how ever does not allow CPU write access to esram or axi 10mb cache.
This will be available in dx12 future api changes. The problem ms face are moving 3rd party devs over to dx12. But by being universal in the PC / xbox game echo system it will force the OpenGL devs to Dx12. We have seen the start of this with dead rising and ryse. When devs move to offload to coprocessors 4 cu on the ps4 won't mean anything there is no extra cache there is only main gddr5 memory apart from CPU cache very small .but we are talking about x1 architecture."
This made me laugh.  The part that says "The problem ms face are moving 3rd party devs over to dx12." I mean.  So basically what he has said for months and months is the DX12 is the savior of the console when it comes out, but now he is saying that Microsoft are having trouble getting 3rd party studios to develop using DX12....

How in the hell does that work!?  Haha.  So the API is not even fully released yet, but they are having difficulty getting people to adopt it?  That defies logic!  What a god damned fool he is if he thinks we believe that sort of stupidity. Furthermore he just got done saying last week that Microsoft do not want to appear as the "aggressor" and here he is saying that DX12 will FORCE developers away from OpenGL.  He literally contradicts himself 2-3 times in just this paragraph alone.

Insider: Sony pushed hard for this game. I am a little angry but next year there is just to many new I.pheading our way. Soon. 3rd party too :)

And FINALLY.  The part that made me laugh my god damn ass off:

Let me be the first to say. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


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