Thursday, October 2, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. October 1st, 2014. Lets utilize the REAL form of freedom of speech and openly discuss it.

Good morning everyone!  I hope your functioning well today and were not up too late playing Forza Horizon 2 and/or Shadow of Mordor yesterday!  Regardless of what games come out the insider game chugs on and on.  Going to try to keep on top of it as much as I can, but I will be the first to admit that it is tough when such great games are coming out!

This post actually had some points that I agreed with, but then it all goes down in a ball of flame when he explains the reasoning behind it as some crazy conspiracy by developers to destroy the Xbox One.  That is where I hope of the wagon and run the other direction. 

Source: Original PDF File
"Insider: if you are a AAA dev you must move your sdk to dx11.3 11++ and re tool for esram. There is no excuses if you do not your older engines will not be using the cpu / and optimisation; or esram caching It is as simple as this.
Ms are sending technical minds out to studios to bring all projects across to dx11.3 that are shipping soon. No game will be under 1080p if the developer has new sdk. The new update should allow most games to achieve 1080p rather then 900p. There will be the od exception to this fact but 95% of games will be 1080p. I would be calling dx11.3 the 1080p patch. There is no axi/pim/fpga/arm/cu/ in 11.3 they are dx12 sdk based hardware. Game on"
There is nothing to verify any of what you are saying here and therefore it is essentially throwaway.  Your comment "No game will be under 1080p if the developer has new sdk. The new update should allow most games to achieve 1080p rather then 900p." is purely subjective.  There will always be times when developers choose a lesser resolution.  See Ryse: Son of Rome as a prime example.  Lesser resolution actually ended up looking better.  So your entire point is silly there.  This notion that some patch is what is going to make games 1080p is so ignorant.  There are more factors going into resolution than just the power.  The console can already do 1080p.  We know that.  The issue comes with how ambitious the game itself is. 
"Insider: Any game that is 720p 60fps that is coming out from this point on do not support there game. It is as simple as this. Devs that are sony 2nd party by choose should not even think about downgrading there games. It is time that xbox supporters should boycott said developers. They are giving you inferior game quality by choose. There is no excuse. Its poor business model with agenda to give sony a better position with in the media which equally give sales. If its kojima its 720p no excuse no exception."
You are not going to believe this, but I agreed with Insider 100% on this--until the very end.  If games are inferior quality on the Xbox One you should absolutely start to boycott them.  Look at Destiny.  It was able to achieve parity so there is not reason why games like Pro Evolution Soccer should not be able to.  It really is a joke and I stand by what he said that you should stop buying their games.  Where I could not possibly disagree with him more is on his statement that this is happening because of some secret underground agenda stemming from the Sony camp.  That is simply absurd and we all know that.
"Pes is a game that should be 1080p without even putting any pressure on x1 architecture granted 11.3 api is applied to early pre dx12 architectural jumps."
There is no way for you to know that.  None.  How would you know what PES does for the Xbox One.  It is obvious that if it was 1080p 60 on the PS4 it should not be 720p 30 on the Xbox One.  That I will give you, but to say it should have parity without even testing the console is just flat out ignorance.  You cannot possibly know what it is demanding of the console.

Everything else in this post from MisterXmedia is silly fanboy conspiracy or just flat out lies and bullshit so I am not going to bother getting into it.  If you want to detail something else on your own in the comments I invite you to do so, but I feel as though everything else has been covered by myself or one of the other people contributing to the site.

What do you guys think?  More crap from MisterXmedia?


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