Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DayZ Tales: I headed back to Chernarus last night and had an absolute blast!

Quite a while ago I decided that I had enough DayZ.  Basically the game played rough as hell and the bugs that the game suffered were too much for me to actually enjoy the game.  Rather than sit and bitch about it I just stepped away for 3-4 months hoping that it would get better in that time.  Well this past weekend I decided that it was a good time to check out the game again and I have to say I had an absolute blast.

My Weapons:
My weapon of choice has always been the Mosin 9130 just because of the ridiculous amount of power this gun has.  Basically if you hit someone with it; they are guaranteed to start bleeding rapidly.  The reason why this is so important for me is because I know that most people when they start to bleed they are going to flee for safety rather than fight on.  In a few rare cases people will keep fighting, but more often than not they will run.

The reason why I care about that is due to the fact that I follow one major rule when I play.  I will never take a shot at any one person from the same spot twice.  If I kill them I will stay put, but if I shoot them and they do not die I am going to shift my position.  The reason behind this is because I never want to give away where I am if I can avoid it.  I like to have the element of surprise whenever I can.  Therefore; when they do not know where I am I can take my time, stay calm and wait for a good shot rather than force one and miss.

Alright.  So that was my main weapon of choice.  I only tell you that to put you into the mindset of what things look like on my end while this crazy story is being told...
While I was playing I ended up running into a group of four guys.  They were all pretty friendly to me in the begging, but eventually I started to get this really weird vibe from them because they stopped talking in game.  When I asked them what the deal was they said they were in Steamchat instead.  So I politely asked if I could join them to keep communicating and they said they would be chatting in game in a minute.  This was strange to me.  After about 5 minutes of standing around a few of them broke off and went into an apartment building.  All they did was go up a few stories and stare down at me and the other two guys.  You can see on the map below where we were exactly.  It is a little town just to the northwest of Cherno.  There are apartment buildings there as well as a few other high value places which can usually give you ammunition and other supplies which are much needed if you want to venture into Cherno itself.

We were just hanging out in this spot for what seemed like a strangely long amount of time.  Not looting.  Just standing around with two guys up above me pointing down at myself and two other guys.  After a while I became very suspicious as to what was going on.  After around 5-10 minutes of silence I asked them if I could join their steam chat again to which they replied they would be back in a minute.  I had been standing around, in total, about 15 minutes at this point so I told them I was going to split and go off on my own again.  I then heard exactly what I was expecting.  The one guy through voice chat said "No you're not.  If you move we're going to shoot you."  I knew I should have ran when I had the chance, but it is so rare to meet nice people that it was worth it to me.

Anyway.  In a split second decision I knew that I would either have to throw up my arms and end up dead, or I could catch them off guard and start firing.  At that time I was using my sidearm which was the Makarov pistol.  I knew I only had 8 shots so I had to make them count if I was going to do anything.

Since I knew I would ultimately be killed or poisoned by these guys I decided to go with the second option and use the incredible small window I had to surprise them.  I said though my mic "OK....." in a confused/scared sort of way, but immediately pulled out my gun and fired off all 8 rounds as fast as I could.  I know my first shot hit the guy closest to me in the head and killed him.  The last 7 bullets either hit the falling already dead guy or hit the second guy enough times to kill him as well because they both went down.  After I dropped the two guys I immediately ran around the side of the storage buildings out of the aim of the two guys up above me.  They were each able to squeeze off by my estimate about 2-3 shots before I got out of sight.

The map that you see above represents, to the best of my paint ability the path that I took.  The rest in orange is just a guess as to what those guys did.  I was certain I killed the two guys on the ground, but later on I would realize that they had 4 guys with them again so there is the chance I only knocked them unconscious.  As you can see in the picture the two guys in the building across the road were not able to see me when I snaked around the side of the building.  Lucky for myself I was still able to see them by moving my camera around properly.  I waited at the back of the storage building until they both left the window to come down to their buddies.  I did hear one guy in game say "I thought you had him cuffed!?" before I got too far away to hear any more.

As I ran away a few more shots went off, but they were either not directed at me or they missed me completely because I never heard a whizz or anything.  I do not know the actual route that they took, but I do know they followed me to Cherno because I saw them just minutes after I got to town.

The next sequence of events I cannot really put accurate movements onto other than what I did and the only reason I can even do that is because I was going to flee through Cherno, but at the last moment decided to get somewhere high because I have a scoped-Mosin rifle.  I knew that I would be able to hit them before they hit me.  The two guys who went up into the buildings earlier did not have long range scopes.  I knew they only had PU Scopes.  At the last minute I cut right and went back into town atop the two very high silos/towers along the train tracks.

As I was writing this I found the following pictures which shows a perfect view of where I actually went.  I ended up climbing the tower and hiding out there while the other guys moved around me.  Miraculously they did not see me go up the tower!

Once I settled in to the top of the tower I was able to identify just about every single person who was coming and going from the entire city of Cherno.  Basically the guys split up and went scavenging.  Either that or they were spreading out to find me because they saw me come into Cherno.  I still have no clue how they had all four guys with them because I was almost certain when I pulled the trigger that I had killed the two guys.  That whole part remains a mystery to me!

This is the part where the story gets really good because I was able to go to town on these guys!  While I was scanning the horizon for these guys I ended up spotting all four of them.  I recognized them because they all had the olive colored assault/hunter backpack.  Two of them we were wearing the Payday masks, one had a gas-mask on and the last had a brown cowboy hat.  They were not hard to miss.

In the picture you see above you can see, to my best recollection, where everyone was when I shot and killed them.  I killed the "Payday Mask" guy on the far right first and then it basically went clockwise down and around.  After I killed the second guy with the Payday mask I had a buddy join me in town.  He is the guy marked "Buddy" on my image above.  He was able to kill one guy on the ground, I think he just KOS'ed a random person, and climb up into the second tower on the other side of the tracks.  That pissed off a couple more guys aparently because two more people attempted to get to him, but he was able to fend them off.  The last guy, the guy in the cowboy hat, I do not recall specifically where he was, but I put it in the rough general area.

I do not actually know how I managed all of this, but at the risk of blowing my own horn; it was pretty amazing.  I went from being basically dead to hunting these dudes down and wiping them all out.  There were the two other guys who ended up being collateral damage, but I have a tough time feeling bad for them seeing as how it was a fight or flight moment for me.  I even did my best to avoid shooting at anyone who I wasn't certain was an enemy of mine.  So much so that I can tell you there were guys coming into Cherno who swung north to avoid me as well as a guy coming from the East who I opted to leave alone because....I guess, I am nice?

Anyway.  That was my tale of survival for my latest game of DayZ!  Hope you've enjoyed it and I will be bringing you all more in the future I am sure!


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