Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Assassins Creed Unity brought on a lot of irrational and stupid tweets. Lets laugh at them together! #PS4NoParity

Whenever #Resolutiongate comes up in the gaming media there is always some pretty damn hilarious reactions.  Most of the time is is persons who decided to buy and Xbox One having to regurgitate the only ammo they really have and that is saying they do not care about resolution.  So in the rare occasion where Playstation 4 owners end up taking umbrage with a games resolution it is hilarious and simultaneously sad to watch them justify why things are the way they are.

#10 - Thar's conspiracy in them thar hills!
#9 - A conspiracy is definitely afoot! 
#8 - This ridiculous idiot even went and spent some time in Photoshop for the cause!

#7 - For TOO LONG Playstation owners have suffered from the unbearable plight....of 900p.....
#6 - I'm taking my money and going home! Pout pout pout.
#5 - This is the Xbots fault!  Git em skeeter!
#4 - Maybe if I just TELL Ubisoft the PS4 is more powerful they will FINALLY get it.
#3 - It's a mistake....because we say so.  We, the guys at N4G, know more than Ubisoft does about their own game.
#2 - Gamers, Unite for your cause!  We will take down Ubisoft's P's!  All 900 of them!
#1 - If you give me 900p's then it is only fair that I break the law and STEAL your game!  Fair is fair Ubisoft!


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