Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A letter to Microsoft from Dollmytee.

Dear Microsoft,

I am writing you to give you [my] perspective on how things are from a lifelong fan of all things Xbox--nay; all things Microsoft.

Since the launch of the Xbox One and even the time leading up to the launch it has become almost a taboo thing to say "I like the Xbox One."  It is disheartening that as a genuine fan of the console I have to go out of my way in an effort to avoid being berated for buying your console.  I wasn't forced to buy it.  I chose to buy it.  I bought it because I owned an Xbox 360 and absolutely loved it.  I bought it because despite the absolutely abysmal reveal of the console itself you guys left the door of possibility open to great things in the future.  I didn't get that feeling with the Playstation 4.  So from a genuine fan of the console and your company let me give you my brief State of The Xbox One Union.

Your ability to control the message of your console is terrible.  You've let it get completely away from you and it is because you refuse to tackle the power controversy surrounding your console in any direct way.  Here is an example:

Ryse: Son of Rome

Find any discussion about the graphical beauty of that game.  It is arguably the single best looking game of the entire generation thus far and it is on Xbox One! Yet; the discussion is never about the greatness of the Xbox One.  It is about how much better it could potentially look if it were on the Playstation 4.  Why on earth are you OK with that?  Every discussion that could be meaningful regarding the Xbox One gets hijacked by the talk of power and how the Xbox One has less of it yet people at Microsoft in the past such as Albert Penello have made comments saying it is not the weaker console.  We are almost a year post-launch and this is still happening.  Why!? It isn't as though it is an isolated thing either.  It is on every site, forum, Youtube video and even in response to just about any Tweet.  It is what sparks major social media wildfires like #PS4NoParity and #Resolutiongate.  Why are you guys letting this continue?

This is never going to change unless you guys start addressing the 'power talk.'  The fact we are over a year out from reveal; eleven months from launch and it is still going on proves that.  Every single third party game that gets revealed becomes a distraction.  When the Xbox One has a lower resolution or frame-rate it becomes #Resolutiongate.  When the Xbox One version is the same people start up with #PS4NoParity.  It is never a discussion highlighting the Xbox One.  It is always against you.  This is what needs to stop and it is never going to until you get control of the message.

If it is going to get better in the future then you need to tell people that!  If they can expect this resolution disparity of 3rd parties the entire generation then you guys as a corporation have made a massive mistake and you need to find another way to sell your console because your current mantra of letting the games do the talking will never work.

Even with all that you have done in the last year to make the console a better value it's message is still suffering week after week because of the very reason it exists.  The games.  The second the spotlight moves off of your first party titles it goes right back to the negativity surrounding the power.  Even the limelight from 1st party exclusives shines dimmer from the ridiculous talk of what it could have been were it on on Playstation 4.

Here is my advice.  Start talking about the future but stop having guys like Major Nelson and Phil Spencer go into interviews or on podcasts only to say "I can't talk about that."  Start showing off technology that is only achievable on the Xbox One if there is stuff only achievable on the Xbox One.  Start showing off more stuff regarding cloud computing whether it be tech demos or anything else.  The cloud is one of your greatest assets according to you guys and you go radio silent for months at a time.  Why do you do that? Sites like NeoGAF are shredding you apart with this 50% less powerful number.  It is time to give those tech guys a breakdown of how the power of the console is achieved and show them WHY your numbers work and aren't a load of PR crap.  Get someone who is willing to explain things and show them why your numbers are real because that crap from Albert last September was tragic.

If the power difference between the two consoles is not 50% then at least get a real and less damaging number out there.  If things are going to improve then start sharing that and explain how the improvement is going to come.  Give the owners and potential customers something for heaven's sake.  Because right now the games aren't talking so you guys need to.

If you made it all the way to the bottom of this thank you for reading and I appreciate your time very much.


Adam D
GT: Doll8313


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