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MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. October 7th, 2014. Tome Raider will get ray-tracing, Forza Horizon only takes 18 months to develop and I show why MisterXmedia is stupid.

This post got a little long, but the information in it is rock-solid and worthy of a read.  But first, here is a quick house-keeping topic before I get to the main post.

I am getting to the point where I am ready to share some of the other, call them, "projects" I have been working on in regards to the topic of discussion on this site.  I have a pretty good record of the things MisterXmedia has said at this point.  I am going to be releasing pieces of it bit by bit onto the forums earlier so if you want to see that be sure to join that.  Otherwise it will eventually be on the site as well you just have to wait a bit longer for it while I format it for posting and such.

The forum is set up so you can only view the topics within it if you are registered.  This may upset some people, but I do it as a way to maintain some level of privacy if we want to have discussions in private or research things before they appear on the site.  It is also a way for us to keep our forums free from the console war stupidity that plagues the internet.  I hope you understand.

And now; on to the good stuff.  Here is MisterXmedia's latest attempt at saving face.  He seems to think that Forza Horizon is going to jump to an 18 month development cycle and I show why that is completely god damned stupid.  He then seems to thing that Tomb Raider is going to get a little love in the ray-tracing department from the Halo 5: Guardians crew even though there is no evidence to support that even they are implementing real-time ray-tracing.  This is a good one folks!  Strap in!  Enjoy!

Here is the PDF of the original post as always.  Feel free to look through it all you like.

"Insider: Feels good don't it Mrx. I remember when you said dc looked better then forza horizon 2 very early after first showing.. I told you other wise. Then you seen it. . And sony even hinted that there was technical problems with Dc. I guess they couldn't fix them. I guess its a forza killer when they are putting it up against forza 3 :) Downgrade club

Its nearly time for them to speak about xbox one. Very very soon :)"

Oh, really? When exactly did this happen? Because I just went and did a search for Driveclub on your site. I clicked every single link for almost 5 pages and never once did you enlighten anyone to the greatness of Forza Horizon 2 that was coming beyond your typical console fanboy nonsense that you love to spread. Please prove me wrong if you can, but as of right now there is absolutely zero credible evidence of you revealing anything concrete about Forza Horizon 2 being the better game.

What are they going to talk about? The power of the Xbox One? Right now you are 0-5 on your predictions of that. It didn't happen at GDC 2014, E3 2014, Gamescom 2014, Tokyo Game Show 2014 or even Hot-chips 2014. So when exactly is this going to finally happen? Oh and if it does happen are you going to claim you were right? Because as far as I see it you just got lucky after predicting it 6 times en total. You are not leaking information. You are repeating it until it is relevant and then taking credit for it.

Insider: Updates are rolling. There are alot of rumors going around that ms are about to purchase another new 3rd party dev. Its going to be a surprise. And it ant sega/capcom/squire. This information may not surface till years end tho. But the blogs going to love this.

PREDICTION: Microsoft are going to buy another 3rd party dev. Also, it is NOT Sega, Capcom or Square Enix.

This is going to be classified as a prediction from here onward and here is exactly why. In the event that Microsoft does buy any studio before the end of the year you would claim that you predicted it and take full credit for it. Thus--it is a prediction. If it ends up not happening then you would just shrug your smarmy fucking Russian shoulders and say it was just a rumor in the first place. Either you know something or you don't. Period. That is how this works. You do not get to play both sides of the field here.
The live room demo is old tech. F Series is moving forward with samsung in position to produce the glasses. And there is defiantly a dual boot samsung phone coming which will support windows10 and android k. The phone will also have direct streaming enabled. It will also so have a 4k screen. And 16core cpu. Some others are calling it the handheld we have all ways wanted. It will also incorporate a new flex technology for mobile screens.

PREDICTION: Dual boot phone which has Windows 10 and Android on it.

So now you also know about the inner workings of Samsung as well. Funny you should start talking about Samsung because my brother actually works DIRECTLY for Samsung Corporate so this should be easy to verify when the time gets closer. I will be following this one very closely. Oh, and here is the real kicker. YOU DIDN'T EVEN SAY THIS FIRST! It has been a very long time rumor dating back to almost 2011!
Even better! The following headline, and link, directly contradict what you are saying!
Let's recap that. Not only did you not say this first. You are late to an already age old rumor, but you are also behind on the latest news regarding the topic with Samsung because Microsoft actively tried to stop the dual-boot products as recently as May of 2014. If the event that this does somehow happen in the future you had better have the self-respect to admit that you just got lucky and actually based everything off of old rumor and the readily available information from ArsTechnica at the time.

Fh3 will be coming quicker then what people may believe is possible. The technology behind forza h2 was only the start. Ms want horizon updates ever 18 months. But there is big talks of boat racing going to be incorporated into the forza marketing brand. I haven't seen this but concepts have been spotted.

It will be in two years.  Since Forza 6 is going to come out next.  Presumably next Fall since they are on a biannual release cycle.  So Forza Horizon 3 will come out sometime around Fall of 2016.  That is my prediction.  Lets just be clear here.  If it releases in August of 2016 you are not getting credit for your claim that "Fh2 will be coming quicker than what people may believe is possible." because you know damn well you are not talking 23 months of development rather than 24.  There is almost not chance that Forza Horizon will get a new game every 18 months.  Why on earth would they release a game that alternates between a fall release and a spring release?  It would make absolutely no sense for them.

Here dumb, dumb.  Since you have such a pension for lovely graphics  I made one of my own which shows why you are, in fact, stupid:

Why in the hell would Forza Horizon switch to an 18 month development cycle?  It would serve absolute zero purpose when you look even in the very near future.  By 2017 you have two games coming out on back to back months and I can guarantee you that the flagship Forza Brand is not going to be switching.  That would only double down on the problem created by your stupid fucking "leak" of information.  Also, here is why you are completely full of shit:

Forza Motorsport 1 (2005)
Forza Motorsport 2 (2007)
Forza Motorsport 3 (2009)
Forza Motorsport 4 (2011)
Forza Motorsport 5 (2013) 

You see how those games released on odd years?  Yeah, that is why what you are saying is absolutely not going to happen.  They will never double up the flagship and secondary Horizon series.  They would not want the sales of one to cannibalize the other.  They are not planning on merging the two because they are not enough alike to do that.  So the only actual conclusion is that you are absolutely full of shit.  PERIOD. 
Now halo 5 will be setting a very high standard. And it technology is finding its way into tomb rader. The rt effects will see caves and textures and objects come even more to life with this new technology. Render scans are look amazing for lara. And its going to be 1080p 60fps.

I hope people on the blog are enjoying fh2. :)

PREDICTION: Rise of the Tomb Raider is going to be 1080p 60FPS. 

The rest is 100% baseless speculation and completely unverifiable.  If ray-tracing is so near and dear to the Microsoft platform why in the hell would they float that technology, or even the proper way to best utilize it, to a 3rd party developer that still puts out games on the Playstation 4?  Because it cannot handle it and the Xbox One can?  There is zero credible evidence to date that ray-tracing has been done on the Xbox One console for any game.  I've already proven you wrong on that claim in the past remember?
Ray-tracing may one day appear on the Xbox One, or PS4; or both.  But at this point there is zero, none, zilch evidence to show that is has been so we get to treat it as such.  MixterXmedia's sight is built up on rumors and speculation, but then you speculate new things based off of old unconfirmed rumors.

Here is how the MisterXmedia house of cards all looks when you piece it together:
  1. Xbox One has more than 1.3TF of power (100% Unconfirmed rumor)
  2. Xbox One has more power because of a stacked die chip. (100% disproved at this point by Albert Penello....twice.)
  3. Xbox One can achieve ray-tracing because of the amount of [unconfirmed] power it has.
  4. Halo 5: Guardians uses ray-tracing.  Declared "confirmed" by MisterXmedia based on the Halo 5: Guardians trailer that was released. 
  5. Rise of the Tome Raider is going to use the ray-tracing technology that is currently not confirmed to be in Halo 5: Guardians.
Do you guys see how completely ridiculous this shit is?  There is literally an entire website built up on a theory that is completely unconfirmed right now.  DirectX12 is going to provide more power for the Xbox One, but it is not physical power from hardware as they have been suggesting.  It would be software earned power through software optimizations so even in the end they are still wrong. 


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