Monday, September 15, 2014

Want to know what marketing failure looks like? Look no further than Destiny!

I do not think anyone in their right mind would be willing to say that Sony did not spend an incredible amount of money promoting the game Destiny as being better on Playstation.  Look just about anywhere and you can see that plain as damn day!  Hell they even went to incredible lengths to pretend that the Xbox versions of the game almost didn't exist.  They paid Bungie to not even mention the game, they paid Bungie to have the beta come sooner on the Playstation 4, they [may] have paid Bungie to keep the beta as a lower resolution.  OK, that last one is just speculation, but it is completely possible.  Not only that, but they even paid Bungie to have time-exclusive content for the game on the Playstation platform.  Long story short--Sony coughed up a lot of money to promote the Playstation version of Destiny as the better version.

So, you want to know what money poorly spent looks like?  When the console you tried to downplay ends up getting 50% of your sales in one of your most coveted markets!

That headline above shows that Sony wasted a brinks truck full of money on promoting Destiny as a better experience on the Playstation.  What makes this all most funny of all is that whatever marketing agreement Sony did pay for they even went so far as to buy up the rights for Microsoft to even promote the game on the Xbox One.

How in the hell do you call those results anything except a failure?  We know damn well that if this were Call of Duty and these numbers came out looking like this Microsoft would be called failures in about 38 different languages so lets just go ahead and all this exactly what it is on Sony's behalf.  A marketing failure.

Now, can numbers be manipulated?  Sure.  Were they?  Probably.  But the fact remains that Sony have no come out and shouted from the rooftops how much better sales are on their console.  That alone is telling of the results.  Forget any numbers at all.  If Sony, or Microsoft, outsell the other they use that for their own marketing as much as possible.  That is not happening here which leads me to believe Sony are doing worse than they expected in terms of the sales with Destiny.

Gotta call it what it is.  Wasted money on for marketing destiny in the UK.


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