Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The time has come. The Forza Horizon 2 demo is out and the full game has gone gold!

Great day for Forza Fans!   Forza Horizon 2 has gone gold and the demo has released!  If anyone wants to party up tonight feel free to add me.  My Gamertag is Doll8313.  If you guys would like I will add a featured comment to share everyone's GT to get a game night going soon.  Just throw out your GT and I'll add it to it!

Lots of rumor and speculation has gone on around Forza Horizon 2 and what it means for the Xbox One.   Lets not forget the speculation that Forza Horizon 2 proves the Xbox One has more power than what Microsoft have officially revealed.

Either way.  Today is very exciting for all of us Forza Motorsports fans!  I look forward to hanging out with you guys sometime soon!  Enjoy!

UPDATE:  Here are a few .GIF's that I thought were pretty cool in case anyone is in to those sorts of things.  ENJOY!


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