Thursday, September 4, 2014

MisterXmedia Carvinal of Comments: September 2nd, 2014. MisterXmedia is claiming credit for things he never predicted and it playing the victim like a professional!

This is just a real quick post for today because I saw the comment pop up on MisterXmedia's site.  I have to admit I have been paying much closer attention to his blog lately with all the drama going on with the bans and such.  This comment is just another one of his attempts to cover his ass and re-establish any form of credibility that he thought he ever had.  Let me break this down for you all.

"Actualy Insider stated 1080p problem will be fixed already in Febrary 2014 or even earlier. That sounded fantastic because of 720p parade that time but came true."
What exactly he is trying to say here I am unsure.  Either he is admitting that his 'insider' was wrong-OR-he is defending 'insider' as being right when we was actually wrong.  Either way.  Insider was completely wrong.  He even said that GDC would prove to be the end of sub 1080p games and then never happened.  He also quadrupled down on the notion that Microsoft would be talking about the consoles hardware at E3 and that too never happened.  If you guys need me to go find every instance I certainly can, but I think we all know that he made those claims.  Actually--my constant questioning of that is what got me banned from MisterXmedia's site. 

"Seems like some ignore that and many other Insider bold claims concentrating of things got delayed or went not as planned or still to be confirmed."
Therein lies the entire issue.  So many of the things that 'insider' has claimed did not come true--which is fine.  The problem stems from how you and all of your more devoted delusionists are treating those theories as though they are confirmed and you are even building new theories off of those previously unconfirmed ones.  We on this site have been saying it for just about the entire duration this site has been growing.  You have your site built up on a house of cards and the foundation is built on completely unconfirmed theories.  Not only that, but you are taking credit for things that you did not predict.  

Lets take Rise of the Tomb Raider for example.  Your 'insider' is taking credit for announcing that it would be exclusive and that is absolutely not the case.  He said that at E3 there would be a major 3rd party game announced as an exclusive title.  Not only that, but Thuway mentioned this on NeoGAF even before 'insider' did.  So if anyone gets credit for that it is not 'insider'.  Don't worry, even Thuway doesn't get credit for it because he predicted it for E3 too.

Here is something you need to understand.  If you predict something and it does not come true.  You do not get to claim you predicted it if something similar happens almost 3 months later.  That is not how the game works.  3rd party games go exclusive quite often.  Titanfall, Dead Rising and Ryse are great examples.  It isn't like you were making some massive revelation.  You banked on it happened at E3.  When it didn't you came up with some story as to why it was delayed until Gamescom.  You were lucky enough that something did happen at Gamescom, but we all know that if Gamescom came and went you would have said delayed to PAX, or TGS or any other convention.

Bottom line--you did not predict anything about Tomb Raider.  You threw out some random "prediction" missed your mark and then moved the goal posts 2 1/2 months later so you could claim you were right.  If we all operated that way we could all portray ourselves as industry insiders.

DX12 - ok
You, nor 'insider', did not predict this.  The industry as a whole widely expected that Microsofts next-gen console would support their next installment of DirectX.  This was very well documented in many places long before you repackaged it and claimed it as your own. 
Lead console - ok
The lead console for what?  One game?  In this case The Division?  That is what you are propping up your entire prediction on?  That is pretty shaky footing there buster. Sorry, but you're 'insider' hasn't predicted anything.  Games vary all the time from which platform is the lead.  It is common.  All you did was wait for one to be the lead on the Xbox One and take credit for it.  That is a FACT.

1080p - ok
Well, 'insider' has been 1080% wrong on this in every way from the very start.  He has predicted and missed the mark no less than 4 times now and we are still seeing games come out at less than 1080p.  Each time you move those goal-posts.  So when it eventually does happen you now think you get to claim you were right?  If I claim every day for 3 weeks that it is going to rain and one day it finally does that does not make me right.  It just means I am persistent with my bullshit which is exactly what you are.
More powerfull than 1.3TF - in the proccess of official confirmation. But there is enought info to see it ahead of time.
Where is your proof of this?  MisterCteam linking some slides which have a bunch of fancy tech-talk in them do not make your claims any more true.  In fact it makes your entire argument even more convolution and confusing for people who do try to follow it.  the900number has a decent understanding of what you were talking about and even he claimed that your entire logic is flawed.  Along with the900number you also have IGN, NeoGAF, Polygon, Kotaku and literally the entire internet that says the console is exactly the 1.3TF of power that you say it is not.  You may cling to your insane theory, but the rest of the world has accepted that the console is what it is.  The ridiculous thing is that you feel that the console has to have more power just because the games are reaching some modicum of parity with the PS4 when Phil Spencer himself said that DX12 will make things much easier.

All you are doing is making yourself look like a delusional fool at this point.   Not to mention the banning of anyone with a difference of opinion makes you look like a ruthless internet-dictator.  Then again if that is what you are used to I guess that is all you know.  You speak so much about lies and brainwash.  Perhaps you need not look any further than the nearest mirror dulinf. 
"People ignoring this and shaking the ground - are not welcomed too. "
What happened to the 80/20 rule?  Now people are not allowed to discuss and debate anymore?  Make up your mind Alex! 


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