Monday, September 8, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks: September 7th, 2014. Nothing but propaganda and a tag team of crazy folks.

There really wasn't much to cover this time since he chose to beat the dead horse that is this spanish speaking gaming site he has suddenly fell in love with.  I read through his "interview" and I only see it as more propaganda to promote his own site.  That being said there was a little blurb at the beginning which did make me at least crack a smile because it was kinda....dumb.  Enjoy!

Insider Daily. Interview to
Insider: It is hard to understand the direction or the importance of comments which are geared towards the native country i derived from. Weather it is English/japanese/Russian :) it is starting to feels like, it all comes down to grammar for some individuals. But the sdf believe in cboat and his grammar was utterly dirigible of contemporary Grammer principles.

Here is an important clue if I am devoting countless hours to source and then having to sifting through rumours and facts. Why should my grammar be the juggernaut that hangs the jurisdiction of the jury. Or maybe I just use the academics of disfigurement grammatical errors to mask my true identity. Seeing as how Mrx is a payed actor can I be the Batman... It is a good thing I ferociously believe in free speech. And some humor. Do something creative for the blog..
That would be easy to believe if it were not for the fact that both MisterXmedia and yourself are making the exact same grammatical mistakes.  So are you emulating MisterXmedia's mistakes or is he emulating you.  Not only that, but his poor spelling carries over into comments that he is trying to make anonymously.  How does that work?  If he wants to comment at the user named "WTF" then why would he keep those same obvious and recognizable spelling errors in his speech?  They alone are what made me go and check his IP address.
Long story short; I do not buy what you are saying for a second.  You might be able to throw out fancy words right now, but it is really easy to have someone proofread something for you to play it off like you are deliberately sounding that way, but everything else that I said just doesn't add up.  I call BS.
Here is the clue find out what is missing from Tonga specs. Is it cache or is it axi or is it fpga. Sometimes things get solved when there is less negatives... :)
Let me see if I can get this straight.  You know the can give clues.  You insist that the information is readily available and right in front of our eyes.  All we have to do it dig.....If it is publicly available information it is not breaking any NDA if you were to just say what the hell is going on.  Just for your information.  Then again that wouldn't feed into your silly ass 'insider' narrative you've been on for two years. 


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