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MisterXmedia Carnival of Leaks. September 5th, 2014 Part 1: Lets talk for a second about freedom of expression.

This post actually made me stop and think for a few minutes.  I am not going to lie.  It made me think because first it was a very interesting article from MisterXmedia just on content alone, but then the fact that any discussion on the freedom of speech and freedom of expression coming from him is just kind of astounding in it's own right.  I am not going to do my normal breakdown as I do with all my other posts.  Instead.  I ask that you all just read it through entirely.

This post is very my hypocritical after a week of heavy bans for people from his site.  Even with that though there is a message in it that can be appreciated.  Obviously if this were posted on just about any other site it would make for a great discussion, but unfortunately that is not the case.  Anyway.  I hope you all take the time to read through this.  It is interesting in so many ways.  The rebuttal from this site is on the bottom.  Thank you to MrZ for that.  He is a great member of this community and has been at the center of almost every great discussion we have had in recent months.  Enjoy!

"The freedom of speech". Some websites start the fight
This message goes to all those who believe in freedom of expression

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right or a human right, as stated in the 19th Article of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as democratic systems’ constitutions. We can also say that there are forms of freedom of expression, like freedom of the press, as well as intellectual freedom.

Intellectual freedom is also specifically recognized as fundamental in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In a general sense, everyone has the right to freely participate in cultural activities of the community, enjoy the arts and take part in scientific development and its benefits resulting from it. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes not being harassed as a result from expressing one’s opinion, gather and share information and ideas, regardless of frontiers and by any means of expression.

However, complications are met when freedom of expression, through intellectual property and towards freedom of the press, clash with what sustains the system in which we live in: money.

Regardless of the sector where we look forward to do business, conflict of interests is clearly defined. How far can freedom of speech reach in a system where a fundamental right like feeding yourself and your family depends on money? Inevitably, money has an influence on all aspects in life, just as on the purest form of personal opinion, and influence can only undermine this genuineness.

Not surprisingly, and as final words, the main publishers hidden behind the video game press industry receive grants and aids from multinational corporations, who in return expect the corresponding impact with a profit in accordance with their "fair" investments. We will explore this later on.

Miguel Mellado
Content Chief

“In spite of everything, at the end of the day, people’s common sense is surviving in its battle against money’s power to destroy it. It's good to find that behind imposed masks, one’s own judgment persists."

As you already know, ElOtroForo, emerged from the need for freedom of expression in an increasingly corrupt world and through beautiful people who truly love videogames, with no money interests. Without gaining any money, or it being our natural support, we are completely free to express reality the way we really see it, however its form; without mincing words, neutrally, and firmly.

The Staff of ElOtroForo includes lawyers, IT engineers, teachers, network experts, and marketing directors offering years of experience in the publishing industry and even dubbing actors. You can find an excellent cast, altogether united by the love for video games, and who is tired of having to express themselves through unhealthy forums, with rude, violent people who lack of any real interest towards what unites us here.

As a result, ElOtroForo offers a healthy community thanks to Manuel, with a degree in Humanities and Community Manager, giving us a pleasant environment, free of astroturfers and intoxicating purposes, in which we can share our feeling towards all those stories we have lived through technological infographics, regardless of the platform.

Our connections within a "privileged line of information," coming from the BSC-MSRC staff, has led us by the hand to achieve our first agreement with a pioneer, who dared to raise his voice and tell the truth about the industry, despite high risks of meeting criticism and pressure. The pioneer we referred to is MisterXmedia, an common person just like any of us, who is also within a "privileged line of information," trying to bring reality through the words of an important person who is "within the industry": the insider.

Needless to say, truth is barely within reach but of a few, and is evidently threatened by the intoxicating astroturfers around the world, who want to ensure the distortion of any unwanted news. For MisterXmedia, being himself a means of undesired noise for certain interests, it is inevitable having to fight against daily harassment and being disproportionately looked down on, in spite of his right to freedom of speech and press specified and guaranteed by constitution.

Through this first partnership agreement, we will bring the benefits of his community, for the first time to a Spanish-speeking means of communication, reinforcing the ElOtroForo’s main purpose, "offering real and raw information," the truth of the video game industry.

Miguel Mellado
Content Chief
4 all Spanish Readers

Misterx: I welcome Mike and his great Spanish community at and will support that movement by all means. Also i welcome all other nations to join the movement.

Dear misterxmedia community, just let me ask you a few questions:

If free speech is a pillar of the community on misterxmedia blog, why misterxmedia basically banning people for questioning his insider?

If free speech and open discussion is a pillar of the community on misterxmedia blog, why do inconvenient comments of members disappear all of a sudden?

if free speech and fairness is a pillar of the community on misterxmedia blog, why he doesn’t allow closed out people to response to his/others statements?

I would really appreciate if you would be so kind to give us your opinion on those questions in the comment section.
Thank you in advance!


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