Sunday, September 21, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. September 21st, 2014.

Here we go again.  Same stuff, different day.  Somehow Forza is a confirmation of everything they've been saying.  That word I mentioned a week ago - Anecdotal Evidence - apparently fell on an entire site's worth of deaf ears because that is what we are dealing with.

MisterXmedia - September 21st, 2014.

Item #1
"Insider: I think every body who is playing the demo of fh2 know what this really means. Scale vs corridor "lane way club" not one game can match this game. Open worked @ 1080p with dynamics wait intill you see what forza 6 looks like"
This right here is like almost literally the definition of anecdotal evidence.  The face that Forza 5 looks fantastic doesn't say a single thing one way or the other in regards to the console power.  We've seen plenty of developers make games for the same system and their games do not look even close to as good as Forza Horizon 2.  I actually agree with MisterXmedia on that one believe it or not!  Forza Horizon 2 looks stellar!  The praise for his opinion though stops there.  The graphical quality of Forza Horizon 2 speaks a hell of a lot more to the talent of the studio that created the game though.  Shees.  Talk about taking away credit when it is due MisterXmedia!

Item #2
"Insider:Protype hardware has revisions. There is 32mb of gpu esram. And ? A cash of edram. There is also many many 8mb cached also. 32mb of gpu is different to cpu memory. The 32mb has bandwidth double under dx12 sdk. I can't aswear all your questions. On dx12 sdk . The 2.5 and w2w are all on the chip but there not gpu related. Other then what I have been told there is 32mb of cach stacked with the other coprocessors using the esram as super fast cach pools the coprocessors have a max bandwidth of 550gb. They can also render directly to the frambuffer with out rops. Its is extremely complex to under stand the coprocessors and cpu/gpu. Because they are broken down into host and guest.
And the guest is axi with fpga. This is not a standard architecture. The soc has multiple architectures but there all connected using axi mmu high speed buss architecture. Axi mmu and buss are future versions of oban ring buss architecture. Some patients are linked. Extra is for gating off and offload it is a reservation of hatdware and memory not accessible at this point. Dx12 sdk bring man question and developers will need time to really show x1. You guys haven't seen any thing yet. E3 2015 will have ray tracing your going to be tied of :)

Mrc needs to look under the soc. See the trace routes and fuses .. see the configuration they are in. Ap was not correct in his wafer analogue but correct inregards to two stacked I said like two gpus but split in two. Think about this. There is 7 systems that make up main soc .. gpu / cpu / audio / axi / fpga / memory PIM / arm core. Look at diagrams relating to new technology there is a patient reference to multi system fabric on die. How does this work. Are you right or wrong . Look at the main mother board. Match the patient."

Here we go again.  Start your engines.  The talk of a secret GPU is starting up again.  Just when he has lost all his credibility with all of the bans he has been doing he knows that he can go back to what can never be proven by the common public.  The infamous secret GPU.  It isn't stacked, but it is definitely there. How long are people going to hinge on this nonsense?  I mean; c'mon--really?  Give it up.  


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