Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. September 16th, 2014. DX12 is coming, hardware talks are coming and Ricardo was banned for being sane.

This is the new way I am going to handle these things.  I do not even want his stupidity getting a full post from me.  What I am going to do is save a PDF of whatever he writes.  Then link it in the post and I will quote specific parts if need be, but we all know at this point the guy is a complete fraud so lets discuss the facts and leave it at that.

"Insider: What did ricardo. Say .. I thought he was a cool cat. Can we ad lest here his opinion. I think its getting time for a major leak to restore the belief."
Ricardo was banned because he asked questions.  Period.  End of discussion.

"Insider: 1 down 2 to go.. but I think people ask why.. why minecraft. Its not minecraft but minecraft 2. The business model and distribution is patiented that patient is worth 100x what ms payed."
Here is it everyone.  The oh-so-expected acknowledgement that he knew about the Mojang deal before any of us did and yet never had any even minor detail to share before it happened.  Playing revisionist history as always and taking claims for things he absolutely did not have knowledge about. We all called this just hours after the rumor came to light.  If he absolutely knew that it was going to happen why did he not confirm it in this way until after the deal was official?  The word was out.  Why not confirm it then and there?

"Insider Daily. Microsoft want the DX12 games to speak first and then hardware talks will commence"
This is an absolute, without a shadow of doubt, direct contradiction to what he said leading up to E3 and he ended up being wrong.  I quote:
"Link to Microsoft employer discussing hardware specific detail coming in 2015 .. Please
also E3 will be games games games games and more games.. I can say this there is no way 1.3tf console is doing these games mini 2.6 mini ...
I think they will open more discussion at build and pax.. but e3 will see hardware discussions just not a deep dive."

I do not know how many of you watched E3, but there was absolutely zero discussion of console hardware at E3 in 2014.  He was wrong.  He said it here that they would.  In the months after he not only doubled, but tripled down on what he said and he was wrong. Now he's moved the goalposts for himself yet again.  So if at any point they talk hardware he will claim to be right.  Classic MisterXmedia if you ask me. 

Well, what do you guys think?  I am not even going to touch the DX12 stuff because there is absolutely zero facts to support any of his claims beyond what people are making up on that site.  If someone wants to pull that apart and post it I will add it, but I think we've established as good as possible that it is a farce.

Let's discuss!  Enjoy!


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