Thursday, September 11, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks: September 11th, 2014. Blah, blah more power. Blah blah secret SDK and blah blah new studios or some crap.

This is pretty much a throwaway post in the sense that there is nothing new being shared here.  Just his usual line of crap.  More secret power.  I know about an SDK--its gonna change the world and apparently there are three new studios which he doesn't bother to elaborate on.  Mostly repeating himself this time.  Sorry folks.  Nonetheless, enjoy!

Mistercteam Daily. More details on why Xbox One is 2014+ tech
misterxmediaSeptember 11th, 14:50
Insider: Here is three new studios not one. But one of these is a part ownership due to investors
Are we to believe that Microsoft have three new studios now?  Is that what you are saying here?
Insider: Eurogamer. Your lies are over.. dx12 sdk is the real deal.. over 80% cpu optimization utilization.
Destiny's did even use any features of this sdk.. they only had 30% memory increase due to kinect system reserve and a 10% of main gpu. 
Baseless claim which is completely unverifiable by anyone seeing as how Bungie would never just come out to confirm and/or deny this.  This is one of those statements you make where your most loyal readers will just latch onto is as truth even though it has never been verified in any way--nor can it ever be.  We on this site use the phrase House of Cards a lot.  This is exactly what we are talking about.  You have now led people to believe that Destiny only used what is essentially the 10% reserve from Kinect.  Which is a complete fabrication and you know it.  You made it up.

You attacked myself and the people of this site for not using facts--despite the fact that we've used nothing but facts--and now you are throwing out theory as fact yourself.  The level of hypocrisy in you is never ending and shameful.

There's is over 70% reserved for dx12 sdk and future updates. Amp ++ allows pim to pair cpu cores with axi read wrights. This will allow cpu to offload to axi bridge which can also handle gfx code optimisation. This will also allowed 6 op/s per cpu cycle with the axi will increase cpu cycles to 48. Co processors are full gate array fgpa in nature. And can be code optimised on the fly.

Where is the proof for this claim?  Where are the facts to support the notion that a future update will allow 6op/s per cpu cycle?  The burden of proof is on you alone here.  You are making the claims therefore it is on you to prove that it is true.  You have misterCteam post all these slides and such, but the facts say that 90% of them are totally unrelated to the Xbox One architecture in any way.  This was said by a verified Xbox One developer way back in May!

You love to make claims regarding the power of the Xbox One, but it is always anecdotal evidence you use.  For example:
Out of order and in order cycles this is a huge benefit to developing on x1 it is more complex but it is the future. X1 is cpu+fpdg+datamove pim axi bridge coprocessor. Even before we talk gpu and esram and audio offload. More and more devs and games will speck for them selves. :)

Do yo know what else speaks for itself?  Your track record.  It is non-existent.  Every single day you make claims like Xbox is the future and it has this, that and the other thing.  Not one single claim you are making has ever been proven true.  Despite what you may think you were not the first person to talk about Xbox One supporting DX12 either.  That is an echochamber lie that is told on your site, but everywhere else people were talking about it for years before you ever uttered the words.  I will be putting up a BS REPORT post on that very soon.  Don't you worry.

The games will speak for themselves, yes.  I agree with you there.  There are going to be great games on the Xbox One.  There is zero doubt about that.  The notion that they are going to destroy anything Sony puts out though?---C'mon man.  Get a grip.



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