Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival of Leaks: September 2nd, 2014. Blizzard are helping their competitors, SDF have infiltrated the site again and 'insider' knows all about Dragon Quest.

I think it is obvious that MisterXmedia is reaching a critical point with his site.  He is not banning people left and right to cover up how inaccurate he has been.  When people start to question his accuracy he makes them go away.  Luckily we exists and most of the people on that site seem to know about us because they all seem to come here.  Welcome anothertech!

MisterXmedia is getting extremely desperate!  Enjoy!

Insider Daily. Doom is better on Xbox One. GTA 5 has more objects on screen then PS4
Insider: Blizzard servers yes :) elders scroll online = zenimax ... read between the lines..
Why don't you just flat out tell us what the hell you are talking about? Because right now none of us have a damn clue. Blizzard=World of Warcraft. Zenimanx/Bethesda=The Elder Scrolls Online. They are direct competitors and there is no way in hell Blizzard would be helping them out. That is a FACT.

Fc = nothing to do with 360 platform.
If games on xbox one were streamed to 360 from the cloud then it would be a cloud serves .. like psn now rentals.
Bc = 360 games native with upscale out put.
Fc = enhanced definite versons remasters.

Insider: Dq for pa4 is timed exclusive. But I did not know it was a spin off.. never been a dq fan sorry.. only seen short video of character and title guess it ant that major a deal now :) did you like tgs sony... :)
If you want to deal in facts then lets deal in facts. Where are your facts to support this? I have looked all over the place for actual facts and they do not exist. You are so quick to jump on people for questioning you and you demand that they approach you with facts, but yet, you are here making baseless claims about games that you know almost zero about.  I highly doubt that you have seen any video of anything.  The only way this would happen is if you were at the developers studio.  I suppose we can add this to the long line of developers you are regularly visiting with can't we.  Why have you never mentioned Dragon Quest coming to Xbox One before for that matter?   
Misterx: Getting messages like this from banned doubters. How hard they being brainwashed? Could we excusse them? I can't find reasons anymore to excuse them.
"Seems quite easy to catch a lie by yourself pretending to be an insider because it appears to be evident in every embarrassing thing you type.
You are a disgrace to gaming and the Xbox brand and massively insecure and defensive when your lies and deceit are questioned. 

I hope one day you can respect yourself and followers by being honest instead of living an empty worthless existence on fake personas. 

Why do you pretend to be someone you are not? Are you that unhappy and lacking in confidence in yourself? 

Free yourself from this damaging behaviour and find peace in the real truth. 

It's a wonderful world beyond the prison cell you place your mind in. "
This person pretty much hit the nail directly on the head.  MisterXmedia is telling lies left and right at this point.  Not only that, but he is telling lies to cover up his other lies now.  That entire site is built on a very wobbly house-of-cards and it is just a matter of time before people start to leave.  He and his most loyal followers have always talked about his site like it is some safe-haven for Xbox One lovers.  The truth is.  It isn't any different than what we do here.  The distinction is that this site allows for an open conversation about real facts and not some pie-in-the-sky theory.  If you want to see how a conversation dealing in facts works then MisterXmedia--I invite you to come on over here because we are a hell of a lot more civil and friendly than you are.  That is a FACT.
Insider: Permanent band... there low lifes who cant see past there own ego sdf attitude. If they want to discrimination or disregard the information on the blog then tell them to back it with the facts not just negative comments. They have nothing to add..
You mean facts like these?
I guess those facts do not work for you because first hand information just is not good enough.  You are a ridiculous pathetic man and I really do not know what else to say on the matter.  

Sorry mrx that you are putting up with these negative comments we both know who we are so its just ass holes with no significant loses to our community. Don't let it get to you.. the shift is happening right now I told you sony would botch there pre tgs ..

God, I never thought I would come back and actually quote that post. Maybe that anonymous person knew exactly what they were doing!  How are you going to say "its just ass holes with no significant loses to our community."  You are losing people every single day now due to the shit you are pulling.  Here is a fun fact.  Just about all of them end up here to share their stories and they quickly realize that this community is just as friendly as yours.  We share and talk about games just like you do.  Oh, and you didn't say a damned thing about Sony botch'ing their pre TGS.  You're playing revisionist history again.

Sony drm is all ready being used .. license code lock for disk is all ready in every digital game you purchase from psn live included and retail is also the same... but behind the scenes its more dynamic at sony. Psn share psn rentals ... they only have to officially announce a new term and agreements of use policy. The small arm processor is an advanced version of the hypervizor security protocols. Except this time there is not one master key its pre defined by mix and match. Every ps4 is within its self a pure drm security system and it is all based of your psn gamername code that is generated when you sign onto play station account. Very complex.. rfid chip are also apparently hard coded on to the blue ray disk. From console/ to user key/ to psn server security/ Drm security ... so stop thinking sony is not going to advance down this path because its all ready started. Microsoft also have this methodology in the works also all tje big companies have it in play they just are relaxed at this point ...
Xbox oban is different to OBAN ... oban is now going to be a smaller design but ms are apperceive at this point ... as fpga is better at emulation and can be reprogrammed to do other tasks. Os for emulation os for games ... xbox oban was not need in x1 architecture
Blah, blah, blah, blah DRM is coming.  We've already known this before you ever said it.  When both companies are open about transitioning to a digital future that comes hand in hand with DRM.  The fact that you are trying to play this off as insider information is just astounding to me.  We knew digital was the way things were going for over 10 years now!  Get with the program!

OBAN = axi bridge arm acceleration a version that ibm ms arm samsung all played a role in .. patterns are around but not 100% factual.
Xbox ruby :) now thats something id keep as a crown center peace. Some devs say why would ms tell people its in there.. we discuss this ...
Doom is better on x1 true . Gta5 has more objects on screen then ps4.. :)

Misterx: Yes, i remember when you said Microsoft helped Rockstar with optimization for Xbox. Maybe some GPGPU type optimization and now it pays off.

Insider: Id tech has been retooled .. it uses a beta version of dx12 but its not full dx12.. it uses tier 2 texture streaming technology that is hardware based. Ps4 is using software based ... textures megamesh 3.0 technology has extra effects at minimum costs to gpu. These are texture based subsurface scattering and dof.. but it allows 5 gig of textures to stream into esram.. but there limited to 12mb esram cach at these point .. the only features that id tech are using from dx12 are cpu optimizations multi core and tier 2 which is also in very early stages.. now ps4 version is opengl tool chained there is a visual different quality but they do have an extra core and mantel cpu api level hardware access. Ps4 may be the first multi platform game that will most likely see 900p..

ADDITION FROM Pierre Pierre Thrice:
Battlefield 4 was already the first game to be 900p just so you are aware MisterXmedia.

Still id tech is not full dx12 it is using early benefits of this technology. Id have not been 100% opengl.. the old ceo didn't like dx api due to no true metal level access. I bet its different now :)

Since you are dealing only in facts, as you said above. I would like to know where your facts for this come from. You see, 'insider' has a tragic track record in terms of what he says so there is no way in hell people should believe a word of what he says at this point so long as it is unaccompanied by facts. Sorry, but you lost your right to make baseless claims when you try to demand facts from others.

Good to see some people realise now that x1 wasn't meant to launch in till late 2014.. location and language had nothing to do with this . It is license agreements.. hardware agreements now it id really going to start ... ap was never right somethings he said were miss guided.. but what happens when a breach of hardware agreement happens you send in the fall guy..

You are so damn full of it!  You yourself said that the Xbox One was going into production next month, but you said that in October of 2012 meaning you knew the system was going into production in November of 2012!  You do not have a clue when the Xbox One was really supposed to launch!

Misterx: Yes, you told the was some license agreement as delay reason - not localisation reasons as everyobe thought.

The earlier comments were not all correct as like I said it is impossible for me to at every studio on earth.. so rumours are discussed and trick with sdks and who is doing what. If I put up 100% what is truth and facts and far right information things would be over in a flash ... read between the lines everybody here can understand or relate. 

You must be getting some pretty poor facts then, because your track record as for as accuracy goes is nothing short of abysmal. You were wrong about so Half Life 3, Shenmue 3, and Outrun 3, Conker, Battletoads, Fallout and I could go on for a long time!  You just do not have a leg to stand on if you want people to take you seriously without providing straight evidence.   That is a fact which is backed up by the number of people who are leaving your site every single day--and those are the ones you are not banning for asking questions!

Ea had 1080p test of bf4 and act with cod ghosts. So did capcom. I can't be responsible if the internal test don't materialized into your houses.. one game that was 100% promised to have an update to resolution is not even pushing that intill all there dlc is done..

I have shared my personal view on this scenario I call it a missed opportunity. And new tool chains sdk updates and cost ... I wont ever bring up about internal sdk tests if people don't really want to know.. but I think there is a few who want to because of transitions. Cod ghosts to cod aw is a huge difference.

Yeah, it is amazing what developing a game entirely on new technology will do for its graphics isn't it! COD:AW was developed first for current-gen consoles. That is why it looks so much better. The game was likely coded on an updated engine and it properly utilizes the powers of both consoles. You're not telling anyone something that they do not already know--just for your information.

Just like bf4 -to bf5 x1 was a soft launched in 2013 due to license agreements.. and if I told people that forza was going to launch @ 800p would anybody had believed me 2 months of internal tests sdk update 1080p 60fps.. things change that is why I have stopped giving information on games so far out because things change. 60% of devs haven't even received the beta dx12 sdk tools yet.

You have stopped giving information on games because you are literally always wrong. PERIOD. That is why you have stopped. It isn't for any other reason than you have a 0% accuracy rating on your game leaks. Contrary to what you are claiming you did not know a damn thing about Rise of the Tomb Raider. We've gone back and looked at all the stuff you posted leading up to E3 and you never once mentioned Tomb Raider. You did mention a 3rd party exclusive game, but sorry you predicted that for E3 and it never game. You were wrong. Not only that, but Thuway made the same prediction on NeoGAF even before you and he too was wrong.

Some are just to hard to adapt.. but e3 2015 every game will be 1080p and feature native dx12 tool sdks.... just the facts.. trolls will feel the change.. there going to have it the hardest but at the end of the day no point having arguments with people with one mind set sdf adapt or die approach is garbage. I own every console but I don't like sonys hive mind rhetorical behaviour. Iv told you tho x1 is more powerful then the ps4. A gpu is not how the generation is won.. good time ahead GAMEON

Well, the PS4 IS more powerful than the Xbox One. That is a fact which is very well established at this point. The Xbox One may be able to play games that are identical to their PS4 versions, but that does not mean for a second that the Xbox One is more powerful. It is obviously more efficient, but efficiency does not mean power in any way. You can keep towing this BS line that there is hidden power in the Xbox One, but here are the FACTS. Albert Penello has publicly said you are wrong twice now. We have yet to see any proof of the consoles alleged second layer beyond the pipe dreams that you spill on your site. Literally everywhere else on the internet people have moved on from the power comparisons. This is how theories and rumors generally work. When one person leaks the information, there are others that come out of the woodwork and confirm it. Right now you have been going for almost 2 years and not a single person has publicly come out in the entire gaming industry to say that there is more power in the console. You are the only person on the entire internet.....do you realize how insignificant you are? You do not have a site full of enlightened folks there. You have a delusional CULT.

MIsterx: Some members fed up with our blog and started to troll and be provocative. Everyone who think we are liers - are not welcomed guests in this house.

As for this post http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/121801.html?thread=2116041
It was a troling from me to SDF

Banned users create many false and bad rumours about us. Don't beleive without a proof if they quote me. Many bad things they tell i said that is never said by me. What a liers.

This part of your post right here has given me and everyone on this site so much validation.  Do you realize that?  You spend all this time trying to censor anyone who mentions us on your site.  You have now banned multiple people in the last 24 hours for just pointing out that we have some facts to disprove the things you say.  You insist that we are nothing more than a group of Sony fanboys hating on the Xbox One.  The reality, or facts, are that we are all Xbox One enthusiasts just like yourself.  The only difference is that we choose to work in verifiable fact.  Not hinging on the words of an 'insider' who has a non-existent track record of accuracy.

Now, as for your post.  You said those words in the middle of March.  Then you tried to cover your ass and say it was an April Fools joke.  NOW you are saying you were just trolling the SDF.  So, which was it dulinf?   Stop banning people for asking questions... 


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