Friday, September 26, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival of Comments. September 25th, 2014. Using Peter Pointon to talk about a larger point.

Go anywhere on the internet.  Ask the question "Who do you think Polygon supports more?  Sony or Microsoft?"  Any site that doesn't bluntly tell you that they seem to support Microsoft are telling you lies straight through their teeth.  It is well documented that Polygon is a pro-Microsoft site just like Dualshockers obviously would support Sony with a name like....DualShockers.  It is sort of the giant elephant in the room when you talk about Polygon and any Microsoft game.

Now, that being said.  This sort of comment makes me laugh.  Out loud.  Literally laughed out loud when I saw this:

I do not know who Peter Pointon is; I can honestly say I do not recall ever reading any comments from him before, but I can already tell you this guy suffers from an interesting victim complex.

Actually; his comment is a very good reflection of what MisterXmedia's site is in a nutshell.  I am not saying everyone on his entire site is this way, but the general message of his site is perpetuated by willfully ignorant, insecure and childish fanboys who cannot handle any other opinion than the one that is bouncing around in their head.  It really is quite interesting to watch play out.

Since I know I know I will get attacked for this, not that that ultimately care, I will say again that I am not calling everyone on his site a willfully ignorant, insecure fanboy.  Just Peter Pointon and the other folks like him.

It is one thing to see a shitty review for a game and disagree with it.  It is a whole different level of strange when you can write something like he did and not have everyone know that it is 100% bullshit.  Polygon is very much pro-Microsoft, but one OK review and people like Peter Pointon will turn on you so damn fast it will make your eyes roll.

This sentiment extends well beyond just polygon though.  Every single site reporting on games gets linked on MisterXmedia's site when they are talking positively about Microsoft.  When the news is good they are a legitimate source.  But, the second they start talking about some of consoles shortcomings they are all in the bag for Sony.  It is sad, sad, sad.  Even N4G and NeoGAF get linked on that site!  Two of the largest, most well known, Pro-Sony websites on the entire world wide web.

Peter Pointon I hope that one day you can just accept the Xbox One for the great system that it is and drop the pathetic victim complex you have.  It is sad and it makes you look like a shameless ass.

OH, and here is a BONUS for all of you.  

You read it here.  The 7/10 score from Polygon was bought and paid for.  Sony are losing money everywhere in their company, but they've always got money to buy off Polygon videogame reviewers.....


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