Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MisterCteam Carnival of Leaks. September 3rd, 2014. MisterCteam now has a friend with a cousin who works for Activision....and spews the same talk as MisterXmedia. What a coincidence!

Do you want to know what a clear sign of bullshit is?  When someone knows someone who knows someone that feels the same way they do.  This post just caught my eye right away because it shows just how desperate this shit has become over on MisterXmedia's site.  MisterCteam just posted the following comment.  It is curiously funny how he happens to know a guy who knows a guy in one of the more volatile times on that blog.  He knows this guy who knows this guy that is basically saying "Hey, it will get better, just hang in there."  That is the same line of bullshit that MisterXmedia himself pulls whenever he is wrong or people begin to question his 'insider'.  well--that and he goes wild banning anyone who does question him.

Let me highlight the most important points here.

also Some folks also give PM to mrX, very much just like Forza Maniac story about 3rd party developr

2015 will be the starting point i think ......

reposted another story some months ago

I have a friend who's cousin works for Activision, he has confirmed that they are under NDA, told my friend who is a PS4 fan, that come 12 months he will be converted to X1 and wont look back, MS is just winding up to blow us all away and cant say why. 

this story comes from the fact he visited my friend the other week saw he had both consoles and asked which he preferred, my friend stated PS4. 

Activision employee stated: "Well come 12 months you will change your mind that's all i can say" 

the employee is from the California Branch of Activision, that's all i know. 

Didn't want to post to world as i cant validate the source, but i trust my friend because he seemed too excited about it. 

made me think of this blog. :)""

This is all fine and well, but here are the FACTS.  We all know how important FACTS are to MisterXmedia.  He demands them--at least he does today anyway.  So here you go.  Here are the FACTS.  A friends cousin.  That alone throws up a red flag for anyone.  You heard from a guy who heard from a guy is essentially what you are saying.  How do you know your friend didn't take some liberties with what he said to you?  You are going to try to validate that by saying he is a PS4 fan?  I do not care if he is a WiiU owner.  It doesn't change the fact that you are getting second hand information.  That is--IF this person is real at all.
The stupid ass line about us changing our mind in X amount of months is something MisterXmedia has regurgitated for years now so you will have to excuse me if I take that with a monster-sized grain of salt.  It is curious how this Activision employee, who you do not know personally, but you know a guy who knows a go, feels the exact same way as you do and MisterXmedia does.  The level of skepticism could not possibly be any higher at this point.
Now, in an effort to further try and validate your story you say you trust the guy because he seemed excited?  How in the hell does that hold any leverage in your decision?  I was excited as hell about the Xbox One before launch.  Does that mean everything I said about what I believed it to be must be true?  Certainly not.
This entire post from you is nothing but the usual process in which the MisterXmedia propaganda line is towed.  Sorry, but this whole story is a bunch of crap and you know it. First off.  We know your IP address over here.  We've already established that you were the guy posting.  It is curious how someone from Russia has a cousin with a friend who just happens to work at Activision which is the exact company you guys have been propping up as the "lead console" for development sake of all future COD games.  It is almost as though the story was writting to fit the scenario perfectly.  Sorry, but I do not buy it.  


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