Friday, September 12, 2014

Let's talk about moving forward with this site and its community.

Hey all!

In the last few days I have had a bunch of people throwing out suggestions for what should be done with the site.  What I should write about.  Whether I should keep talking about MisterXmedia and all that.  I guess the time to decide what I want to do has come much sooner than I expected it to!

When I first started this site it was mostly just a place for me to put my thoughts down on a journal.  Then as time went on I started to put more effort into what I was doing and then I was just putting up stuff at random when I disagreed with guys like Thuway, MisterX and even the people on NeoGAF.  As time went on and more people started to take notice of what I was doing and then all of you showed up!

The last 3-4 months have been pretty awesome I must admit.  There is a lot of joy that comes from having a community sprout up around the work you do!  So right up front I want to thank each and every one of you for the input you have given on the site, the posts and anything else you've said.  I read every single comment that is posted on this site and I always love when great discussions take place as a result of something I have created or even something that was sent to me.  I really cannot express how grateful I am for all of you guys having come here and; not only come here, but decided to stick around!  So, that being said;

What do we want to do with this site?  Yes, I said we.  Without all of your I am just another crazy person with a blog spreading their ideas on the internet.  It is you guys who make this a community though!  So, what do you as the community want this site to become?


If all you guys want are more posts/discussions about games I just want to say that there are currently options in-place on the site to make that happen.  I can even set up those of you who want to with author status for the blog so you can post whatever you want to your hearts content.  Otherwise anyone who wants to can also use the submit content tab on the navigation bar of the site and I will post anything you send immediately when I see it.  That is the option if you guys just want more posts about games.


The one idea I have seen thrown out more than once now is to create a forum.  I actually support that idea, but there are a few caveats to that happening:

This blog right now runs me about $10/year.  I am not hard up for money in any way.  That isn't the point though.  I work full time.  I chose to do this site because it was free and it was a way to use my voice.  It was very much just a hobby of mine.  I decided to buy the URL Dollmytee just because I like to have things look nice.  So right now that is as much as I have invested in Dollmytee.COM.  Basically what I am saying is that it is a free hobby.

If we want to do a forum I would not use one of those garbage looking free site.  I would put in the time to make one that looked nice.  I would use a hosting service to do it.  That turns my free hobby into a hobby with a monthly cost.  That is something that I never envisioned when I started my site.

So, I will just be blunt with you guys.  If I am going to do a forum I would put ads on the site to try and make it cost me as little as possible.  Either that, or have a donations tab.  I just do not have an interest in a hobby that costs me potentially hundreds of dollars a year.  If that is something that you guys as a community are cool with then I will start seriously looking into setting up a forum.

I want to hear what you guys would like to do.  If you are all cool  with ads or having me solicit donations (something I do not currently do) then I will look into setting up a forum.  If you guys would just love to have more discussions about games we can easily make that happen just by setting up some people to post content whenever they like.

I want to hear from you.  Let me know what you think.  What is your opinion on the matter?

Thanks guys!



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