Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Here is the way you make cord-cutters who are Xbox One owners happier.

Right now you can go to the apps section of your Xbox One and there are a boatload of TV based apps.  You got apps for:

  • Comedy Central
  • The CW
  • ESPN
  • FOX Now
  • FX Now
  • MTV
  • SyFy
  • USA
As an added bonus there is StarZ Play, but you get screwed out of using that one too unless you have a cable package.  What exactly is my point?  Well let me tell you.

All of those apps are great.  I would love to use them.  The problem is; I am a cord-cutter.  As in--I do not have cable.  I do not want cable.  I find paying $100+/month for cable and internet to be a joke.  It isn't that I cannot afford it.  I just think, on principal, that $100+ for TV is not cool.  I have been without my cable package for almost two years now and I honestly do not want to go back.  I do not miss it one bit.  The shows I do not watch I know that I will more than likely catch on Hulu Plus or Netflix in due time.  

Now--that being said.  I think being able to use the apps listed above would be awesome!  The problem though is that you need to sign in to your cable account in order to access them.  Which would mean that I need to subscribe to a cable package again if I ever want to use those apps on my Xbox One console.  That is not going to happen.  Not only is it not going to happen, but I find it really strange that they would do that at all to be honest.  Companies like Viacom who own:

  • MTV1
  • MTV2
  • MTV Jams
  • MTV Hits
  • mtvU
  • MTV Tr3s
  • VH1
  • VH1 Classic
  • VH1 Soul
  • CMT2
  • CMT Pure Country3
  • Logo TV4
  • Palladia
  • Nickelodeon1
  • Nick 2, Nickelodeon's alternate East/West feed
  • Nick HD, Nickelodeon's high-definition feed
  • Nick at Nite
  • Nicktoons10
  • Nick Jr.5
  • TeenNick6
  • NickMom
  • Comedy Central7
  • Epix9
  • TV Land
  • Spike2 8
  • BET
  • BET Gospel
  • BET Hip-Hop
  • Centric

Basically keep you and I slaves to their cable packages because they know there is a high likelihood that you aren't going to pay for BET Gospel these days.  They like to say that prices would go up per channel if you were to choose which channels you want which makes perfect sense.  The part that they leave out is that your monthly bill itself would go down.

Lets say channels run $5/mo each in an al la carte system.  At sometimes starting at as much as $60/month for just TV.  At least according to this Charter ad.  You can see that basic math says you could buy 12 channels and still come in under the $60/month line.  Now--at some point people are going to make the distinction and just say "You know what.  Between My wife, my kids and myself we regularly watch 15+ channels."  it is cheaper to just have the $60/month cable packages.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But why not allow people to buy their content as apps?  It is set up exactly for that on the Xbox One right now!  All they need to do is work with Microsoft to have a billing system!

Instead of having a $60/month cable bill I would love to buy a subscription for $5/month to ESPN.  I think it would be absolutely worth it.  Not only that, but in the case of FOX Now I still need a cable subscription to use it on my Xbox One, but I have an antennae which I can get it for free on any other TV in my house.  So that seems crazy to me.

My proposal.  You set up the apps on the Xbox One as their own entity.  You could pay a fee/month for them and you get full access to the app.  Just like you get with Hulu and Netflix right now.  Sure, BET Gospel may end up getting shut down one day because so few people buy it, but the reality is that it is that way right now more than likely.  All Viacom is doing is bundling it all so they have more channels to sell ads on.  Any person with a half a brain knows what is going on.

Take all these apps.  Offer them for a subscription.  It is as easy as that.  Heck.  I am not even against Microsoft having something worked out with their console where there is some sort of deals where you can subscribe to 4 channels for $x.xx and you get to choose a free channel. 

Cable TV is shrinking.  The amount of people cutting their cable is increasing all the time.  A la carte cable really is just a matter of time.  Eventually even big ass companies like Viacom are going to make the decision to sell their services on a channel by channel basis.  Why not have Microsoft get out front and lead the way with the Xbox One console.  It is practically set up for it as it is.


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