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gforce1981 Carnival of Comments. September 4th, 2014. Everyone else is just going through the stages of grief is all. We will come around. We're ponies in denial.

Holy hell.  I do not want to make a habit out of analyzing every comment on that site, but this made me laugh my ass off.  The way this crazy bastard sees things we are all just ponies in denial.  We

Hi guys,

I just wanted to remind everyone the nature of the human race and how things have happened since the dawn of time.

This was no different when it was said that the world is not flat but round (the shit the people did to that guy was horrible), then it because 'accepted knowledge'

You mean Pythagoras?  I guess it is easy to just claim the guy was ridiculed when you are talking to a group of people who are not going to do the research.  The theory of a flat earth was thrown around and documented at around 3rd century BC just so you are aware.  It wasn't until Pythagoras really adopted it in the 6th century that people started to accept it because he was able to give tangible evidence. The interesting part is that people such as writers in the 5th century BC widely adopted the notion that the earth was more than likely flat.  It is interesting that you try to relate the whole flat earth crap to MisterXmedia's blog because FACTS say you guys are more or less the people defending the dieing, if not dead, notion that the earth is flat.

You are not trail blazers.  There is overwhelming support and evidence to show that the MisterXmedia theory of a stacked, or discrete or whatever you are calling it this week GPU just does not exist.  Albert Penello has said it twice now.
So getting back to the xbox one, this site, and the MASSIVE amount of Awesome and positive news towards Dx12, how people are starting to see why the xbox one was designed as it was, how it is really looking like there is a lot more than we currently know.

NO, NO, NO, NO.  It is not looking like there is more than you currently know. You fools love to quote Dean Hall and others when they talk about the "great things" that they saw.  You do not know what the hell those are.  For all you know Dean Hall saw an early beta build of DX12 or something.   My point is YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT HE SAW.  So stop correlating what he saw to the assurance that there is more power in the Xbox One.  There are a thousand different things he could have seen at Xbox none of which could have been secrets pertaining to the power of the Xbox One.  I use Dean Hall as an example, but there are many others.  You guys are so guilty of this it is laughable.

And to top it off all games getting PARITY (which goes against the common persons belief (that they believe as fact), that the PS4 is 50% more powerful than the xbox one).

Parity does not equal parity in system power.  You need to realize this.  All the current level of parity could mean is that the software development tools for the Xbox One are getting better and that the tools developers had for the first wave of games were not up to par.  That is the extent of what parity could mean.  The complicated nature of the Xbox One, which is well documented, could have been the very thing that kept games from reaching parity.  It is absurd to me that you guys immediately correlate ANY news of parity to tangible evidence that the Xbox One has more than 1.3TF of power.  It is ABSURD.

So as more and more stuff comes out it is starting to really shake up their cages, because what they were told and believed as Truth is starting to crumble.

WHO, told WHOM that the Xbox One cannot do 1080P?  There is not a single credible gaming journalism site out there that has said this.  DO you know that?  The ONLY  people that spread that sort of stupidity are the idiot fanboys in the comments sections of the aforementioned gaming journalism sites.  You guys over on that site keep going on and on and on about how we've been conditioned to believe from someone that the Xbox One cannot do 1080p games.  Seriously.  The ONLY people who are using that as a justification for some crumbling message are you fools.  The rest of us know full well that that system can handle 1080p 60fps games.  So do everyone a favor and stop with this constant line of bullshit because you guys are completely making it up!

So bringing this back to how the human race has functioned for all of its existence I want to share with people WHY we are getting a MASSIVE amount of attacks now.'

Yes, please enlighten me as to why my blog has existed for longer than this shit has been going on.  Please do.  You know so much.
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

Oh!  How fun.  I have a quote too.  Since quotes are so fun.

“The human brain is a complex organ with the wonderful power of enabling man to find reasons for continuing to believe whatever it is that he wants to believe.” ― Voltaire
First stage, the xbox one was ridiculed (as well as this site and people on it)

Then what started happening was what they thought was true was starting to crack (and they don't like that)

Seriously.  Who the fuck is scared of the truth?  Me?  I OWN AND XBOX ONE AND ONLY AND XBOX ONE.  How in the hell do you guys try and say I am afraid of the 'truth' when all the stuff you are going on and on about would only benefit me?  Which says a lot because I STILL do not believe you.  Oh, and before you play the victim card.  It has nothing to do with me being secret SDF or a Microsoft hater.  My pension for disbelief has to do with the FACT that MisterXmedia has an abysmal track record when it comes to the things he is leaking from 'insider'.  It is almost non-existent.  What is even more funny is that the ones he is claiming credit for they were all documented elsewhere before he said it.  That is a FACT--including DirectX12.

Second stage is, Violently Opposed (this is the stage that we are currently going through), all of their believes and what they thought are facts are completely shot to shit and they are in a state of frenzy, because everything they have know to be true has crumbled to the ground.

*We* are in a state of frenzy?  Are you shitting me?  I have banned absolutely no-one from my site.  I have let anyone, MrX included, come to my site and comment on anything they choose.  I could not possibly be any more open and transparent than I am being right now.  I even allow my readers to submit content to the site that gets posted without a single edit done to it.  So, if you want to talk about "violent opposition" you are going to get nothing but a laugh out of me because it is exactly that--laughable.

What beliefs do we have exactly that are shot to to shit?  I do not have any closed held beliefs about the Xbox One system.  That would be you guys.  The FACTS that I do deal with are all 100% accurate and have blown away whatever 'insider' has said.  Yes, I am referring to CliffyB flat out saying that MisterXmedia wrote a "bullshit article".  That is a FACT.

Must be rough.  Even one of the most beloved developers for Microsoft told you guys that your 'insider' was spewing BS.  But what would Cliffy B know right?  He only owns the company.  Hes obviously a big fat liar.....

The third Stage, it is accepted as being self-evident, I believe will come in 2015 (and we should then be very past the frenzy of attacks because there will be absolutely NOTHING else they will be able to attack, without looking like COMPLETE FOOLS)

Except your 'insiders' abysmal track record, but don't let me stop you.  Go on...

So just remember this guys, and realise what we have gone through in the last few days is (OTHERS) trying to break up the awesome community here because their lives and own communities smell like SHIT and they want to make our place like SHIT also.

Yeah.  Sorry dude.  I'm not trying to break up MisterXmedia's little group of people.  I am friends with a TON of people on that site just so you are aware.  All I am doing is what I have been doing long before I was ever banned from MisterXmedias site and that is ask questions.  It isn't my fault that people caught wind of what I am doing.  You fools spew the whole 'lies and brainwash' line on a daily basis, but yet it is your site who bans anyone who asks any questions and doesn't fully profess their belief in the 'secret sauce' mantra.  So sorry, but we are not breaking up that community.  We are that community.  Just in a different place and we are the people willing to question what 'insider' says rather than blindly believe every god damn word.

Just is the way of the human nature (for the common sheep, well in their case Ponies)


Game on.



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