Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dear MisterXmedia & Pals. I think this will prove I am not SDF or even a Sony Pony. Enjoy.

You may need to click on the image to view it in full size if you want to read what is on the TV.  Otherwise the text is also below.  The picture isn't much to look at, but putting it on my TV was just a fun touch and helps prove my point.

This was just left in my comment section.  You have the god damn audacity to call me a Sony Pony?.......

Dear MisterXmedia & Pals,

You are reading this on my TV.  I created this slide in Photoshop on my Windows 8 PC.  The fancy looking box you see below my TV, Well--that is my Xbox One console.  Bought it on launch day.  I waited for 3 hours in -15degree temperatures. Fahrenheit, not that Celsius bullshit.  That black tablet looking thing you see to the right of my Xbox One is my Windows Surface RT tablet.  This slide itself is only showing up on my TV because I uploaded it to Onedrive.  While I am creating this I am even listening to some tunes through Xbox Music.  I have a subscription.

My point being.  I obviously use a lot of Microsoft branded products.  I love Microsoft.  I love my Xbox One, my Windows Surface RT tablet, my Xbox Music subscription and my PC running Windows 8.  I especially love OneDrive.  I even have that on my smartphone.  I upload all of my drunken pictures from my nights out at the bar to OneDrive for storage.  There are some DOOZIES.  

So--why am I saying all of this?  Because, it just goes to show how utterly silly you look when you constantly accuse me of being some Sony Pony or SDF type person.  I love Microsoft.  It is the only console I own.  (Notice the distinct lack of a PS4 or any Sony product for that matter...)  The notion you keep perpetuating that I hate Microsoft is absolutely absurd.  The notion that I want them to fail in any way is equally absurd!

All that being said; you can officially stop the “Dollmytee is SDF/Sony Pony” bullshit now...Mmm’kay?  You look like a dickhead.


P.S.  I am even writing this using Segeo UI Light.  The same font Microsoft use for all their slids and such.  THAT is how hardcore Microsoft I am.  Do you use Segoe UI Light for any of your stuff?  Didn’t think so.....SUCK IT.


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