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Community Highlight: MrZweistein's Opinion Piece "The Downfall Of MrX's Blog or How To Waste Potential"

The Downfall Of MrX's Blog or How To Waste Potential

(an opinion piece by MrZweistein)
In the current state of the gaming community, it is understandable that Xbox fans looking for a place on the Internet where they are not constantly attacked by others verbally. Yes actually attacked.

I myself have made ​​my experience that every Xbox One news article, whether positive or not, was flooded by people who destroyed any decent discussion by flooding the conversation with nonsensical and sometimes offensive comments, many time even off-topic of course.

Annoyed by this fact I found myself, like many others, visiting MrX's blog, approximately one year before the Xbox One actually started. To be clear, at that point in time it was a really great place to discuss the Xbox One and also to get information on it. And yes it was even thrilling to speculate what might be the technology-side in the Xbox One. And yeah, a lot of speculations were absurd, but that's just the way it is and no one should take this too seriously in the forefornt of a games console launch.

With the launch of the Xbox One the situation changed a little bit. The most specifications of the Xbox One were known, not in detail, but there were enough information that gave you a good estimation of the performance of the Xbox One. I at least belong to the group of people that has bought the Xbox One on the first day, because I liked the overall concept better. Still, I must admit it, I believed that there were hidden power in the Xbox One. Yes, I was guilty :)

Shortly after launch is was still possible to have reasonable discussions on the blog, but shortly after the Hotchips conference it was clear, all the speculation did not help, there were no hidden reserves of power, at least not according to the official documents available from Microsoft. I was and I am able to live with it, others apparently not so much.

At the time, I then noticed for myself, that the tone of the blog had changed, slightly day by day.

  • Many posts were not dedicated to the Xbox One news anymore but pure anti-You name it.

  • The idea that there is a hidden secret in the Xbox One was kept like a missionary goal even when the available informations told you otherwise. Instead every time something contradicted the believed speculation it was explained with different excuses like ongoing NDAs and such stuff.

  • Members who were sceptical about the speculations and asked clarifying questions were attacked to be anti-MS even if they were verified Xbox One gamers and supporters. Of course their questions got no real answers.

  • Speculations were declared facts, simply reinterpreted in terms of their definition, so that they fit into the speculation.

  • Discussions on technical topics simply disappeared out of a sudden because they refuted the argumentation for the alleged facts.

  • Members were actually attacked without significant reason and have been discredited, partly because they had their own insight information
The above points did not describe a healthy Xbox Community culture and I finally got to the point in which I

  • was more sceptical and critcal about claims that were made on the blog
  • asked for clarfications,
  • supported and sided with other members who were attacked
  • and even turned things completely in question and called bullshit
Well yes, we all know how such things end on MrX's blog: You get banned!

When I look at it in retrospect, it is a shame that the original potential that MrX page initially had has been totally wasted. I am still of the opinion we as a Xbox Community need a place where we can freely discuss without being distracted by the endless fanboy discussions that happen on so many internet sites today. MrX's site had the potential to offer such a place because the site was and is visited by many on the Internet but unfortunately MrX lost his way a long time ago.

To illustrate what might have been able to achieve I just want to mention two very positive examples of Xbox Community centric internet sites, DIRECTXBOX.COM and XBOXMAD.NET:

  • DIRECTXBOX.COM because there people actually try to build a Xbox community that is respectful to others and able to open discuss the topics that members bring to the table. Newest information is shared as it pops up and is discussed, opinions are stated but without personel attacks as it should be on a community forum. The ironic thing is: The core group is composed of former members of MrX's blog, most now banned from his site. Why? Only MrX knows.
  • XBOXMAD.NET because here Xbox fans have chosen to produce their own insight, to get information about it and to report it to the community based on facts and not speculation, open and honest, even if the Xbox One or the anticipated game get some critism in the result.

Both websites are in my opinion role-models how to give the Xbox Community the space it deserves, much more than MrX's website was ever able to do, even if MrX hints from time to time that he wants to open up a forum too. So far, I personally do not believe that this will happen.

It is human nature that in restrorespect you are always wiser and is questioning itself for the reasons you were part of all that mess.

Judging by the recent events, we shouldn't have any hope that MrX changes his mind and anything will change there, it is a shame. A lot of wasted potential and time!

Hi Adam,
I have written an opinion piece about MrX blog. Feel free to post it on your site. And please, this time write my name correctly !!!!


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