Monday, September 1, 2014

Community Highlight: Pierre Pierre Thrice sent all the links from when MisterXmedia admitted in a drunken stupor that he was 'insider'.

This bit of information was sent to me by Pierre Pierre Thrice.  I am not sure if it was intended to be anonymous or not, but if you do send me something please just throw your name on it somewhere so I can give proper credit.  You are doing great work and deserve to be recognized for it!

This post is a collection of screenshots showing when MisterXmedia was drunk an apparently admitted that he was a complete fake.  There are different opinions for everyone, but in the aftermath he just claimed that it was an April fools joke---in mid-march.  So you can decide for yourself if that was a load of crap, but here is the evidence.  Thank you Pierre Pierre Thrice!  Enjoy!

The infamous text posted BEFORE the April 1st entry....


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