Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BS REPORT: I just caught MisterXmedia trying to defend his insider AGAIN. This time he's commenting through a proxy of some sort.

Remember less than a month ago when I caught MisterXmedia red-handed pretending to be someone else defending his site?  I tracked the email address back to his blog and then realized the IP addresses matched identically.  This has gotten to the point where it is shameful on his part.  He did it again.  Let me explain.

First I wan't to clarify up front that I am no expert on Proxies and such, but there is no one else since I created my blog who has gone to the length the owner of this IP has to comment on my site under a fake name.  What is more bizarre to me is that I have publicly invited him to come comment on this site on no less than like 5 occasions now, but he still chooses to do it all in secret which is just pathetic more than anything.

So this morning I went to my email and saw I had a few comments from a 'Guest' account.  The comment said:
"To be honest we need more time before you will be proven right and Insider to be proven fake.
For now i believe Xbox One hides many unpublished specs. We still know nothing about what DX12 means on hardware level."
The comment itself was not a big deal.  It went through as it was supposed to.  Just out of habit though I hop onto the website and double check all guest posts.  When I went onto the site and it wasn't there I figured something similar to what happened yesterday might be going on where the comment posted, but then gets flagged for moderation.    So I went into the Disqus admin panel and that is where I started to roll my eyes.

What you are seeing in the picture to the left is when I clicked on the IP address of the user named "GUEST"  what came up is all the other usernames that have shared that IP address.  Lo and behold the username WTF was tied to the same address.

I made sure that I didn't need to approve the comment or anything since I couldn't see it.  The comment was live and I could post a reply to it so that is what I did.

What happened next is what absolutely floors me and it goes to show how great of lengths MisterXmedia will go to, to keep his site feeling like it is justified.

This shit is going to absolutely blow your mind.  What he is doing is hiding behind what I am assuming is some sort of a proxy or something because he has a separate website entirely for himself to view.  I have no clue how this shit works, but he was at least smart enough to work that.  When I clicks on the comment to bring me to the site, this is where it went to.

There was obviously some sort of a bug when I first clicked on the link because this is where I ended up.  When I tried it again it brought me directly to my site just like normal, but with one very distinct difference.

There were no other comments on the site anywhere.  The only comments showing up on the entire site were from 'GUEST' and I could not piece together what was going on at first.  Then--I looked at the URL for my site and I finally realized what was going on.

This is the URL as it appears when I click on any comment from this new guest user:

That may be a bit tough to see, but just look at the first part of the URL.  "".  Basically, as far as I can tell, he is trying to mask his IP address.  The thing is the site doesn't seem to have any way for you to actually CHANGE your IP as far as I can tell and if it did he screwed it up because it is the exact same IP address.  Could it be someone else trying to impersonate MisterXmedia?  Yes, it could be.  But we know he has a history now of trying to pretend he is someone else so why the hell would this not be MisterXmedia.

This is the last picture I will show.  It is the purpose of the site that he used.  Hiding ones IP, or changing ones IP and in his case.  FREE ANONYMOUS WEB SURFING ON THE INTERNET FROM ANOTHER LOCACTION.

But what about the email address?  It is different!  Nonsense. as a free Latvian email provider which anyone can sign up for--I checked.  Grab a Latvian email address, pretend you are from there and surf the web anonymously.  All sounds pretty damning to me.

Dear MisterXmedia,

You are WELCOME to post on this site.  You are not going to be run off or even given the tar and feather treatment!  For god sakes man just post as your own identity.  We are HAPPY to have you post here.  You will just have to abide by the rules of the site--which are perfectly fair.  In addition you will be subject to questions of the things you say.  No one here is a troll or a member of the secret Sony hate society.  We love Xbox One just like you do.  It is just shame that you treat this site and its friendly members as though we are the enemy.

Enough with the fake usernames, the anonymous websites and alternate email addresses!  Either start posting as yourself or at least under the same account or I am just going to ban your IP because; First, I am getting tired of policing for your presence and Second, you are making yourself look like an ass.

Either join the community as a member or just leave and do your own thing.  All we are doing is questioning you.  We're not trying to destroy you--you are doing that all on your own.

Dollmytee & The Gang.


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