Friday, September 12, 2014

BS REPORT: Here is the thing about screenshots.

I am just going to leave the word below, and its definition, at the beginning of this post. Its meaning is going to be important and often recurring in this post.  The word; is anecdotal.

an·ec·dot·al adjective \ˌa-nik-ˈdō-təl\

Definition of ANECDOTAL
a : of, relating to, or consisting of anecdotes <an anecdotalbiography>
b : anecdotic 2 <my anecdotal uncle>
2 : based on or consisting of reports or observations of usually unscientific observers <anecdotal evidence>
3 : of, relating to, or being the depiction of a scene suggesting a story <anecdotal details>

I am starting this post off with that because it is important to understand what it is.  So much of the claims of the Xbox One's power hinge on completely anecdotal evidence.  Such as yesterday.  There was the following post from MisterCteam on MisterXmedia's site:

plus this Gif showed how expansive and open world this need more than just 1.3TF for sure !!!"

The .GIF that he is talking about is this:

There is a belief in his eyes that the image you see above is just not possible with just 1.3TF of system capabilites in the Xbox One.  I get his point.  This is a very sexy looking image.  I do not think anyone is really going to try and dispute that.  What I am going to dispute though is the notion that this image is not possible with the currently revealed specs of the Xbox One.  MisterCteam says that the GIF shows how open and expansive the world is.  Well, what about this GIF then:

Do you see those mountains in the very back of the world? (You can click on the image to enlarge it just for your information.)  Yeah, you can go to those.  Hell, you can go beyond those!  The evidence he uses to say that the Xbox One has to have more than 1.31TF of capability is 100% anecdotal.  It is based off of a preconceived notion and he only says that to support this theory that they have in which the console has more power than what has been revealed by Microsoft.  This is just one picture from Skyrim too.  One picture that I spent a grand total of about 30 seconds looking for.  There are probably thousands of better examples I could use, but they are prove my point nonetheless. 

The way that they are approaching the question in general is wrong.  They look at the screenshots and immediately tell themselves that their theory must be true.  It must be true simply because the image looks so awesome.  That is the wrong way to approach just about any unproven theory.  You do not pack anecdotal evidence around a theory and then get upset or bothered when people do not take you seriously.  

Taking a .GIF image and just declaring that it is not possible with 1.3TF is so laughable.  If you are going to operate that way you first have to prove that it is, in fact, not possible to generate that gameplay with 1.3TF.  That would be your first step if you want to be taken seriously...

Some people need to realize that anecdotal evidence is not evidence on the grander scale.  A .GIF that one declares not possible with 1.3TF is no more credible than me going to my local Best Buy and seeing that there are 5 PS4's for sale and no Xbox One; then declaring that Xbox One is selling better than the PS4.  It is anecdotal and meaningless to the grander scheme of things.


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