Monday, August 4, 2014

This might very well be one of the most hilarious Change.ORG petitions I have personally ever seen.  You know that game Halo that is owned by Microsoft and is one of the most flagship products in their entire gaming division?  That game that is so popular is spawned the name Cortana which is now in every single Windows Phone?  The game that literally sells consoles for Microsoft?  Yeah--THAT game.  Well there is at least one person in the Sony community that is dumb enough to actually petition Microsoft so that they bring Halo games to:

Allow the release of Halo Master Chief Collection on PC and PS4 along with subsequent Halo releases in the future.

Does this guy even realize how utterly stupid this is?  That would be like petitioning Sony to bring God of War to the Xbox One.  There is no real message to this post other than "Hey everyone look at this fool!"  I really do not understand people sometimes. 

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