Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quick update regarding submitting content.

There are a few people that use the submit content tab on the site.  I have changed the setup for that so it is easier.  Now you can just sent and email to and it will automatically sent your submission to me.  It doesn't automatically get posted.  It goes to my drafts folder so I can give it the quick once over and make sure it is formatted OK.

In case anyone is worried about privacy your email address is never attached to the post in any way so people aren't going to see it or anything.

To everyone who has been submitting content this should be much easier than what I was using before--which we can admit was sort of a joke.  Now you can create hyperlinks, embed pictures and all that right in your email instead of writing out HTML code.

I hope you enjoy the new way.  If any unforseen problems arise from it we will cross that bridge together.


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