Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pierre Pierre Thrice: Xbox One Technical information from Microsoft and evidence

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In stark contrast to the misterx/misterc misinformation and FUD, there are some rather decent Microsoft sources of information and presentations.

Hotchips 25 Microsoft presentation of Xbox One’s SOC by John Sell.

The Q&A also proves the stacking theory as nonsense.

And Slides

Developer’s day slides by MS Martin Fuller

Eurogamer’s comprehensive technical breakdown with Microsoft’s Andrew Goosen and Nick Baker

Interestingly this article was published in edited form previously on the 22nd September 2013

And what did misterxmedia post on his site during the meltdown in the comments caused by this flood of information that disproved many of his crazy theories?

When the real discussion was still happening in the comments of his previous post here:


Pierre Pierre Thrice


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