Monday, August 18, 2014

PC MASTER RACE: Robocraft is a great game, and it is free-to-play! I highly suggest giving it a try!

Yesterday I was perusing Steam for games as I am prone to do and I came across Robocraft.  For those of you who do not know what the hell game I am talking about I strongly suggest going and taking a look at it.  If you are into the build it yourself type games you will love this!  I would describe the game as sort of a Kerbal Space Program meets World of Tanks experience.  You can build whatever the hell you want, but then you take it into battle and see how you will fare against others.

I was able to spend a few hours playing last night and I am very much hooked on it already.  Being able to build whatever the hell you want provides for what is essentially a never ending game.  While playing I saw some of the most hilarious, awesome and frankly offensive contraptions one could imagine.  At one point I saw a penis with wheels and guns mounted to the ballsack.  I also saw what appeared to be a Star Wars style X-fighter flying around. The beauty of the game is that the content of the game is completely in the hands of the players.  Just like Kerbal Space Program there are some incredible designs.

The game is free-to-play which is a turn off for some people, but I would highly suggest still giving it a try.  They implement a tech-tree system which works really well!  When you take your creation into battle you will be awarded tech-tokens after each victory.  Those tokens can be used to purchase additional parts.  Obviously that means you start out with some pretty basic stuff which is nowhere near as fun as the stuff people are flying after they've unlocked some of the other items, but you do get through the basics pretty quickly after just a few wins.

As a free-to-play game there are obviously micro transactions in the game.  In the reviews for the game there are a lot of people screaming pay-to-win.  I can say very happily though that they are not constantly thrown in front of your face like some other games do.  Most of the perks available for purchase are purely cosmetic, but you are given the option to add 'premium' to your account which gives you bonus RP after each match.  RP are repair-points essentially which in addition to being used to repair your craft after each match you can use it to buy additional blocks that were unlocked via the tech-tree.

To go back to the 'pay-to-win' stuff for a minute.  I, personally, have not gotten far enough into the tech tree to comment on that at this point.  I can say that the early parts of the game are very fun and seeing all the other parts that become available deeper into the tree makes you want to keep playing to unlock them. The premium part of the game is what would make you advance through the tree faster, but I am not sure how people get upset at that and call it pay-to-win.  Maybe there is something else further on in the game that I have yet to experience, but for the sake of giving the game I try I would say it is not an issue.

Robocraft, from what I have experienced so far, is a great free-to-play game.  Folks are always going to have something to say and something to bitch about.  That is the internet though.  I say give it a try.  The small 600MB download doesn't take long and since you do not have to spend a dime if you do not want to you've got nothing to lose if you hate it.

Enjoy everyone!  Have you already played it?  What is your impression?


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