Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"MS has secure one big 3rd prty title" from May 22nd, 2014. Words from Thuway prior to even E3.

There is zero doubt that the exclusivity agreement between Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft is a big deal for Xbox One owners.  It is the kind of agreement that is sure to polarize the gaming community.  We've pretty much seen that already on NeoGAF..  But, was this already foretold back in May?  Let me present the facts to you and you can decide for yourself.

On May 22nd, 2014 Thuway tweeted the following:
Pulled from Twitter & VGLeaks.

Now, the natural skeptic in me says that given the timeline he was saying this he was more than likely talking about it being revealed at E3.  So devils advocate says he missed his mark for saying a major 3rd party announcement would take place at E3.  Now the question is whether or not credit is due when a major 3rd party exclusive was announced at Gamescom instead?  You can decide that for yourself.

There is more detail to all this though.  That leak originated from a NeoGAF thread in which he went into more detail.  Details which may give this all more credence despite the timeline seemingly referring to E3.  Let me explain.

Here is the NeoGAF thread in question.

I will preface it all with Thuways own words:

"Everything I say from here on out is rumor, speculation, or pandering - of the highest degree."
OK, that being said here is the bulk of the major information from his post.  I am going to approach it the same way I do with the Carvnival of Leaks posts with the yellow and blue commentary that I do.

There's a fellow going around in the insider circle (he's not Shinobi, Mortimer, etc), but he's managed to contact a few of us and tell us unilaterally the exact same information. 

He spoke briefly about Microsoft's E3 event and spoke highly of it. He cut straight to the point and said Microsoft has secured a third party exclusive that- "Will make people GNASH teeth". 

This does prove my initial statement that the major third party exclusive announcement was supposed to be for E3 and not Gamescom.  I will say the same thing I said before in that you can decide for yourselves if that invalidates his claim.
He wouldn't speak any more about the game.I only got one conversation in with him. I did manage to ask a few questions: Is it Resident Evil? Is it Mass Effect? Is it Red Dead? 
"No. It's not them." 

This might seem like throwaway dialogue, but when you consider that those two were the rumors at the time it does make it a little bit relevant knowing what we know now.  Was this person just lucky ruling them out?  You can decide for yourself.

The last clues given were: 

A. It is an IP that is off the radars, but when everyone hears and sees it, they'll want it. 
B. It is an IP that could use the spotlight of exclusivity.

Would you consider Tomb Raider to be off the radars?  That is mostly personal perception, but on the whole one could probably agree that it has flown a bit under the radar this generation.  Again--you can decide for yourself though.  The definitive edition was obviously a re release and didn't get the same attention as the initial launch.

The last clue (clue B) is something that I strongly agree with and it is hard to make a case without infusing my opinion on the matter so I apologize.  Tomb Raider getting a reboot turned the franchise into a very dark and gritty game.  Much moreso than it ever used to be.  While the game did sell well it did not sell well by Square Enix's standards which is publicly available if you Google it.  With the game being on both consoles it was just another game.  With Microsoft locking up exclusivity on the game though it now becomes a competitor to Uncharted which is by any account a great game.  So with one small agreement between Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft the game gets to appear as though it is the direct competitor to Uncharted which is sure to give the game more attention.  That is my opinion on the matter.

OK, here are the facts:
  • Thuway, or someone who spoke to him, said Microsoft will be getting at major 3rd party exclusive.
  • It was to be revealed at E3 from all we can tell and are led to believe.
  • The hint was that it is a game the goes under the radar. 
  • The hint was it is a game that could use the spotlight.
  • The announcement did not happen at E3, but rather at Gamescom.
I have been very skeptical of MisterXmedia when he makes leaks like this.  Especially when he claims to be right when things are announced after he said they would be so I am going to treat this with the same level of skepticism.  Did Thuway, or whomever spoke to him, just get lucky?  There are additional details to make one believe this wasn't just pulled out of thin air, but the timeline does allow for reasonable skepticism.  What do you think?


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