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MrZweistein: When you get ashamed to be part of the video gamer community

When you get ashamed to be part of the video gamer community

It is GAMESCOM time. A time which should be a time of excitement and celebration for the games and the gamers. For all platforms and all games.

But after the incidents of the last day it is hard to celebrate or even to admit that I am part of the gaming community. In the reign of the yesterdays announcement that „The Rise of the Tomb Raider“ is exclusive to Xbox for Holiday 2015 (and maybe beyond) especially the Sony side of the internet went nuts.

To name a few examples:
  • Petitions to the White House to prevent the game to be exclusive to Xbox
  • Over 5,000 „Fuck you Crystal Dynamics“ comments on a letter to the gaming community
  • Over 16,000 comments on an IGN article about it (I repeat over 16,000 comments of mostly insane Sony fan comments)
  • Personal attacks and threats to voice actors of the game

Are you kidding me?

To me, Sony needs to address this at once, immediately. They have to apologize on behalf of their fans on public especially to the developers and voice actors because otherwise a intelligent man can start thinking that Sony is tolerating or even motivating such a insane behavior.

But then it is not only we gamers, the gaming news outlets to or at least some of their representers. Examples?
  • A Kotaku article that tells you that such exclusivity hurts the gaming industry
  • Some interesting twitter comments of Jason Schreiber (Kotaku) and Ryan McAffrey (IGN)
  • Jim Sterling on his usual rant

(Btw I don’t provide links because I don’t want to give them extra clicks on their nonsense)

Those examples shows that those people totally lost their professionalism and objectivity over the case. Instead of saying MS is hurting the game industry I would say they do „big time“!

So no relief from this side of the industry …

And finally my beloved NeoGAF which is … no I have no words for it … just embarrassing.

A guy with the screen name "TitusGroan“ made a post where he complained about the bias that is going on, on the internet in general and NeoGAF in specific. You can guess what happened, he was banned by „Bishopti“ because his email address of his account had „PR“ in it. So he assumed that this guy posted this in behalf of MS. But short after the ban some members came in and showed, no the guy was working for a SW developer that programs SW for PR companies. Meanwhile the thread title was changed and the OP author was blamed as PR-puppet (as usual on NeoGAF the mods are changing the thread titles so threads cannot be found easily anymore).

Oh my god, what to do now when it came out „bishopti“ was wrong. Long story short, NeoGAF celebrated „bishopti“ and said, the guy should have banned anyway because what he wrote was nonsense, meanwhile the thread title is changed again to some kind of inside joke.

You can decide for yourself by clicking this link ( but be aware to understand the full drama and the embarrassment you have to scroll and read through the complete thread.

For those who don’t want to invest so much time I provide the initial post of „TitusGroan“ that I totally agree with to 100%:

Begin of quote:

So these last few days, GAF has been going to hell in a handbasket. This used to be a place where people could discuss gaming and whatnot in a respectable manner. Differences of opinion could be addressed without a world of stupid opening up. Gamers could feel united in a common love of games. But over the last few days, FUD has been rising to critical levels, and it's time to re-educate some of you fools.

Ever since the Gamescom reveal, there hasn't been any discussion about Microsoft. There's been FUD. There's been bitchin' and whinin'. This hasn't been a space for gamers to discuss their hobby. It's turned into a nursery for little children to shit their pants. A place for miserable fools with axes to grind to run their mouths off about a games console they never even intend to play. I ain't never been much for Xbox One. I'm a Nintendo + PC gamer. But this forum is getting out of hand, and it's time to teach some of you fools an important lesson:

The Xbox One is not a bad console. It is a perfectly valid entry into the next generation, and Xbox owners should be afforded all the same respect as anyone else.

"Bu-bu-but the initial reveal!"

You know the funny thing with the reveal a year ago? It was over a fucking year ago! The Xbox One shown then is not the Xbox One available now, and the man in charge then is not the man in charge now. Mattrick is gone. Phil Spencer is in charge. And under him, every single objectionable thing about the original Xbox One has been tossed into the bin. He even gutted the television department to focus on games. If your main problem with the Xbox One is what Microsoft originally revealed it as, then brother, you need to get over yourself quick, because you're hung up worse than Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

And if you're still unconvinced- how many of you people ragging on the Xbox One on this board currently own a PS3. Pretty sweet machine, wasn't it? Great games like TLOU and Uncharted 2. Shame then that the PS3 was a fucking travesty when it first came out. It wasn't just a spit in the face of consumers, the stupid architecture was a spit in the face of developers as well. Sony actively went out of their way to make developers' lives miserable. Games like Skyrim and Bayo are still a wreck on the machine. Yet Sony managed to eventually turn that PoS round into a respectable gaming machine. Microsoft have addressed the problems with the Xbone far quicker than Sony ever did for the PS3, and have worked to turn it from Mattrick's monstrosity into a genuine gaming console. There is nothing left of the old Bone in the console now. If your sole reasonfor slagging it off is because of the DRM fiasco, then you're not actually using anything tangible or real to criticise the damn thing. You're just like a whiny little teenager still bitching about how their ex totally screwed them over, and how they'll regret the day they broke up with you. Grow up. Put your big boy pants on. Microsoft apologised, they got rid of the guy responsible, they put Phil Spencer in charge instead.

"Bu-bu-but Microsoft just buys all their exclusives, they don't make any."

Yeah, well thank goodness that under Spencer, they've been expanding their first party studios then. According to him, there are two whole studios we don't even know about yet, working on something secret. We've got Black Tusk working on the new Gears, Dakota working on Project Spark, Turn 10, Twisted Pixel... Wikis tells me that Microsoft has 26 studios worldwide. A quick glance at Wiki also tells me Sony has 15. Last I heard, 26 was more than 15. And funnily enough, a large number of Sony's exclusives last gen were made by... wait for it... third party studios: Ni No Kuni, White Knight, Journey, Resistance, ModNation, Valkyria Chronicles... if Microsoft has been paying third parties for exclusives, it's only because that's how the industry game works right now. If Sony is allowed to buy the likes of White Knight Chronicles or Heavy Rain, I don't see why Microsoft can't buy the likes of Gears or Titanfall. Does it offend you otherwise? Well get your fucking head together, because AAA development is expensive, and platform holders are going to be giving more publishers money to help develop their games as costs keep rising.

"But Microsoft totally stole Tomb Raider!"

They paid to make the second Tomb Raider game exclusive. You know who else did that? Sony, with the exact same franchise. The original Tomb Raider was released for PC, PS1 and Saturn. After it came out, Sony inked a deal with Eidos to make the series PS1 exclusive until 2000.

In September 1997, Sony Computer Entertainment America signed a deal with Eidos to make console releases for the Tomb Raider franchise exclusive to the PlayStation, preventing the Sega Saturn or the Nintendo 64 from having any Tomb Raider game released for it until 2000, a deal that would prove very beneficial to Sony both in terms of revenue dollars and also in further cementing the PlayStation's growing reputation as the go-to system for must-have exclusive titles.
You want to moan about a game going from multiplatform to exclusive? OK, but don't complain when the exact same move was pulled nearly twenty years ago with the follow up to the original Tomb Raider. The only reason Tomb Raider is identified with the Playstation brand is because Sony did the exact same move that Microsoft pulled yesterday. You don't get to complain about Microsoft doing the exact same thing Sony did with the exact same franchise. The original Tomb Raider was never PS exclusive. That only came afterwards thanks to Sony's moneyhats. That's how the industry fucking works. Here are some more examples:

Soul Calibur II was released on Gamecube, PS2 and Xbxo, and sold well on all of them. Soul Calibur III was PS2 exclusive.

Metal Gear Solid 2 got a multiplat release on Xbox, PS2 and PC. MGS3 and MGS4 were Playstation exclusives.

Silent Hill 2 was released on PS2 and Xbox. Silent Hill 3 was a PS2 exclusive. Then SIlent Hill 4 went back to being multiplat.

Resident Evil had releases on PS1, PS2 and Dreamcast. Then RE4 was announced as a Gamecube exclusive, along with REmake.

Fatal Frame has had releases on PS2, PS3 and Xbox. The next game in the series is a Wii U exclusive, thanks to a deal between Nintendo and Tecmo-Koei.

If none of that gets you angry and riled up, then neither should Tomb Raider. It's a business deal between publisher and platformer. They happen all the time, suck it up and don't be little bitches about it. Tomb Raider isn't even a proper exclusive anyway, you PS4 owners will get a version eventually, so grow the fuck up. You will get to play the game, and in the meantime, there's a whole host of other stuff to play.

Get it through your heads people. The Xbox One does not require a 24/7 internet connection. It doesn't stop used sales. Microsoft are developing their own first party games for the thing, and there ain't nothing wrong with buying third-party exclusives for the platform. This forum has gone to shit, because some of you just can't accept that the Xbox One is a valid alternative to other consoles out there. You're polluting this thread with FUD, with needless whining and with bitching about stuff that doesn't even exist any more. People are allowed to buy an Xbox One, and they should be able to discuss it and its games here on GAF without a bunch of smartasses shitting on them for not buying a PS4, PC or even a Wii U.

The thing that unites us here should be our love of games. That means if someone buys an Xbone for Titanfall and sunset Overdrive, we should pat them on the fucking back for it. Those are the games they want to play, fucking celebrate that. Don't act like a fuck with a stick up their ass just so you can feel better about your own console. This board isn't GameFAQs, it isn't IGN, so let's start acting like that. Right now, Microsoft's game plan is games. No more TV, no more internet whatnots, they're putting their energy into games. That's what we wanted. We wanted them to make the Xbone a gaming console. It is now a gaming console. Don't be the choad who returns a meal and tells the Chef to make something else, only to spit on it when the then prepare something else. There is no reason for anyone here to still be bitter, so let's start acting like actual fucking gamers, celebrate games with each other, and leave the idiocy to 4chan where it belongs.

All three platforms have games worth playing. Fucking acknowledge that, rather than acting as if your one chosen platform doesn't stink, and everything else is a pile of crap.

End of Quote!


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