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MisterXmedia Carnival of Leaks for August 31st, 2014! Forward Compatibility is actually HD remakes, Sony are breaking the law and the true power is still coming!

Welcome everyone to another exciting edition of the MisterXmedia Carnival of Leaks for August 31st, 2014! I was away at a party last night so I wasn't able to get to it this morning, but I can say for sure that good things come to those who wait! Most of MisterXmedia's posts make me roll by eyes.  Some of them make me chuckle.  Some even make me laugh out loud and then I have to explain to my wife what is going on when she starts wondering what could possibly be so funny.  Then--there are posts like this one.  The occasional post where I actually take pity on MisterXmedia and his more faithful followers because it is on a level of delusion that I do not think a person ever really comes back from.  It is sort of sad really.

Enough of my rambling on though.  Lets get down to the good stuff!  Enjoy!

Insider Daily. DRM is going to happen on all other platforms. Sony will(was going) be the first.

Sony are using the serial license agreement from this point on.. there going to use the take your games ever where approach and hardcopy can be installed and used with the game disk.. but the fact is the serial license is only a partial agreement with sony as they own the game and can termination of this agreement will kill the use of the fisical copy. Check the terms and agreements. Its online as they have to submit a digital version for place holding due to there legal obligations. .. the ddos was a payed test on there psn servers which shows sony was quick to address the test attack by twitter. The reason why blizzard and Microsoft and sony all seemed to have a major test is because they are testing the security on the servers as blizzard are runnnjng there own elders scroll online server and for console cross platform play there must be a cross platform test... but while this test "ddos" it was not sony updated there terms of use.. check it out yourself parliament do this stuff to get things past without people noticing anything.. very well played sony... but its Drm none the less there will be back lash over this...
As for Phils reasons over tgs I can not say he is the boss and I do have faith in his choices... and the Japanese culture has changed towards there approach towards how they receive there information. They dont want to wait its a streaming culture blame the mobile device moment for this.. you need have to bend to peoples needs and wants.. don't worry some big stuff is going down it ant going to be a walk in the park for sony.. its just going to be a huge losse in money.. :) there is another western conference coming.. this is what I was told. But digg u will find.. :)

Holy crap.  This post is going to be long...
First.  There is always a serial licence agreement on every single disk. When you open a games box you agree that you own the physical disc, but do not own the content on said disk.  That is how is has always been just so you know.

Here you are doubling down on the notion that Lizard Squad was paid by Sony.  There is absolutely ZERO evidence to support that statement and I hope you are aware that you are reporting slanderous news.  A paid DDoS attack by Sony would be illegal as far as I know so to go out and spread the word that Sony are doing such a thing is slander just so you know.  Calling them liars and brainwashers is one thing, but telling people that they put together conspiracies to DDoS is just sad and pathetic.

Phils reasons for not having a major keynote speech at TGS.  Let me make it very simple for you.  They decided long before TGS that they were not going to have a keynote.  You, since you know nothing about what Microsoft are doing, reported that big great things were coming.  You led every single person to believe that they were going to wow the Japanese audience in some glamorous event.  Turns out that event was never planned and you were just proven to be full of shit.  That is the entire story.  There was no 11th hour decision to cancel the event.  There would be no strategical business reason for doing that.  In fact it would make the company look worse.  Long story made short you had not damn clue what was going on like always and you were proven wrong by Aaron Greenberg and Phil Spencer themselves on Twitter.

Misterx: Had not license agreement been changed months ago by Sony? Not now. What is the proof about self test ddos? That is very bold claim and people will not believe it.
Insider: Find out who was effected by the ddos attacks "tests"
Licence agreement has changed dig.. you dont have to post this mrx but dig for your self. I can only say what is known
Dig for what?!  A well-known document that has been used on all physical media?  You are not breaking any ground here you fool.

Last update was months ago. Users have not accepted new agreement last week. They could not change it without accept.  That Neogaf discussion is about old changes(about Playstation users don't own games just been granted rights to play them).

Its coming at tgs. Psn expansion. . There using a steam model.. you will see... there going to fall on there own arguments witn drm.

Your prediction is that major DRM implementation is coming at TGS.  You just went on the record there.  Lets wait and see.

Mrx you can choose what you put up its your blog. If people dont like the facts that are presented then thats there choose also.. but I stand by what happen when the ddos attacks happen. Both sony and Microsoft had maintenance list on that date. And the ddos was to test the integrity of xbox live and psn on blizzards servers. Payed tests.. weather or not out side fractions we're involved I am not sure. Sony pulled a look at the left had while the right hand is doing things behind the seen. In order for psn to work there has to be changes same said for family share via xbox live. But to call one company out for drm in public domain to look good when in fact they had other plans is wrong and sets a bad business model to the consumers.. just lile ms we're called out for drm all ways online box... I sure hope the option to convet disk in to digital download is true.. so many gamers would convert by ease of use and the storage solutions on xbox are alot better at this point.
Again if I didn't say what is getting said internally and in reality it is in fact true then why say anything at all.. nobody is getting rewards or earning dollars for contributing to the blog and I am included in that too. Changes happen Phil has his strategies its his show I trust him and so should you..

Where does that come from?  Why are you talking about not making money off the blog as though that would make any different.  The show is obviously Phil's to plan and put on, but the facts say that he was never planning on putting one on in the first place.  All that I get out of this is that you were 100% wrong in every single way.

Insider: Just to add to this and I know people will not understand or like what am about to say. but I hope they can take a few seconds to think about what the future holds and what needs to happen with consoles and pc or mobile platforms

People will not take the time to believe or consider what you say because you have a non-existent track-record with accuracy of the things you say.  You have no legs to stand on!
Drm is going to happen to every system no matter what platform it will be on all .. There is more positives then negatives with drm... cloud based games will need digital license agreements . Which will allow the transfer of data over private network data centers or servers that are modified to act as data center distribution terminal's. Hackers and criminal activitys are a huge pain for devs and most of all for online gaming.. Unfortunately drm has more benefits then I can share or sell my pre played game.. or I am restricted from drm... yes I do like a disk and I support the use of friends sharing software not piracy tho.. Microsoft are working towards family share and resales of games via new store front within live.. But they also know that people collect and like the later approach to gaming.. but times are changing I can see in three or five years gaming retail will merging into clothing and toys based on games more then just games on shelves.. how many times in the past did people wind about how they had to change disk.. but now we're down to one disk and people now want no disk.. people will never be happy its a lazy thing... DRM is the answer to that.. but what I don't support is company's who lie about there design and what they have implemented. If sony can call out Microsoft for this then so should they be heald for there's.

Are you really even going to attempt to get into the philosophy of DRM and what is will do for gaming?  A guy who is completely unconfirmed railing on against DRM for years is not going to tell people why DRM is such a good thing for gaming.  I hope you are aware that DRM has already happened on every single gaming machine known to man.  Everything from PC's to smartphones have DRM on them. 

Insider: People on the blog ask your self what is DRM ?
What forms can DRM be before it is NOT classed as drm.
If sony lock a game via playstation share function to the console and allow said software to be installed on 4 other ps4 then they implement an 8 hour time that implys that the user must pay for the glorified demo to keep functionality or render the software locked... sounds like DRM
If sony allow psn/ps4 to stream to vita tv but the games that stream must be digital based games only. Which force the purchase of a digital only copy of there game for streaming purposes. Sound like drm.
Sony share function will allow games to convert there disks to digital copy for use with share via serial license agreement which is unique per disk. You can not sell the game but share a full dl demo of the software that also will generate a unique serial license for said console. Which will only allow that demo function on that ps4 and then can only be shared with another 4 ps4 by a unique serial license.
This serial license has a terms of use agreement that must be applied when sharing the vua ps share function. This agreement will straight that the holder of said licensed agreement does not own right to this game they are only leasing the software. Sorry dRM comes in man forms one thing if it sound like DRM then you can bet your dollars its DRM.. SDF guts who want to comment on the blog I hope you enjoy your playstation share function it comes with grave cost to your philosophy's. If it connects to a data sever you can bet in the next 12 months your going to have new terms ... its across the board but sony will sell it to the masses I just hope people see it for what it is..
Also up date patchs you can blame dx12 and fpga for the delay why we ant seeing this implement right now most development studio in the big companies have been work very hard to port tools and backends resolution ant every thing but diablo is a res patch up date same as bungie same as Activision. Here is your code Bam ... :)
And ms have been pulling trump cards over at gaf .. remember no dx12 for xbox one bam dx12 no 1080p for xbox one bam there it is ... also no ray tracing bam there it is :) . like I said people can come to the blog in sony pajamas for all I care but take not watch them sales drop by the way side its the only thing left be a real shame when the directs and the discovery marketing starts and they sale more in the land of the sun... I think people who are xbox fans should pull up a chair and watch the fallout this year.. this time its going to be real good..
Also quick update on the hack attacks the group that we're involved in testing net works were payed for test .. there was definitely a rog operation that took place. These tests are very common but I expect more bad to come then good.. there trying very hard to hit live now.. I hear sony is going to get another round or is in the process... hacking is not good for the consumer no matter what we are told.. payed net work intrusion tests are needed hence they go under maintenance times tho.. I guess the rouges know this.. psn 3.0 coming :)

So you are still going on about this shit?  Good to know.  You are fully convinced of your own lies at this point.  That is just so sad.

Insider: A2 PRE JUNE SDK PRE DX12 FPGA ..gaf will see should get them to bet there accounts.

Misterx: No, I trust you. Just more questions before post for blog readers to low negative reaction.

That is sounds a bit fantastic and controversy vendors to have their own ddos. Imagine what will happen if some agreements to make this inside job will appear.

Insider: Its not a true ddos.. but a intrusion based method. Can be packted directly to cpu... but there definitely was a major ddos during the maintenance tests.. some body new information they shouldn't have. And security or hacking is not my expertise and nore do I find it amusing. There linked this time so I have heard. I guess fanboys take it seriously when they know there is changes to the terms of service :) ,but bomb threats is not cool I hope they find the people responsible for this .. with all the terrorist attacks and lies in the media. Its just a shame it has gone this far.. threatened to kill people is not on... console wars shouldn't be a real thing as war in general terms. Crazy times we live in.. but still this very serious.
This industry is changing no doubt .. some information is being encrypted even with serial codes that give level authority. So some else stuff is that out there it is getting to be like the james bond level of security. .. ms are going to win this generation but there giging sony ample time to succeed I hope the community is ready. Things are really going to change.. :) game on

Again, I will keep saying this.  All you are doing it making claims without any proof of any type that Sony knew what was going on.  What we do have is a group of people taking full credit for the DDoS attack.  That is what we have right now.  Other than that everything you are saying is complete and utter BS--and you know it.

Insider: Dx11 old sdk with small update to code in a very poor heavily pc based development environment. Ms offered to help the devs but they we're to far and to heavily focused on ps4 .. as ps4 was the lead platform and xbox one a cross port.. the would have to had to retool there back end engine. They could have got redux to 1080p with out sdk update but there wasn't enough recourse to do the esram optimisation level.. ps4 had the advantage of metal level coding .. xbox one only basic dx11 api. They are running a windows 7 environment on there x1 sdk and that also doesn't help when ps4 is running good sdk modified mantel drivers .. but games take time to dev and development updates can push projects back months.. these devs are on big nda's now so the best you are going to hear is they have dx12 tools starting to hit. Ps4 with mantel = 2x performance x1 dx12 fpga = 4 x performance.. no doubt we stuffed up shipping a better hardware then our sdk environment and console wars ant won with in the first 2 years.

No, No, no, No, NO.  The Xbox One is running a Windows 8 environment as well as a modified Windows 8 OS.  This was day one known information.  Get your shit together MisterXmedia.

Insider: The news just keeps coming in mrx ... I just can not verify 100%
There was two sdk updates released internally over the last month and updates have been getting updated via a special ethernet connection sever. Diablo team and bungie have been receiving updates. These updates have massive changes to esram read right. The esram can read two passes and right two passes simultaneously. And not including cach or scratch 64kb. But ms internal development teams are very hush about this. But it makes sense when you look at dual thread gpu and dual issue cpu 4 data move egines. Every thing is in 2 parallels by design. And this is why the numbers of 32mb was not right with internal performance. Mrc

So let me get this straight.  There is a super secret ethernet connection in which developers such as Bungie and Blizzard are able to get SDK updates on a monthly basis.  I am going to ignore the super-secret ethernnet shit because---well it is ridiculous.  The monthly updates are something we've known about for a long time already considering there are publicly available patch notes for Destiny which say "JUNE SDK UPDATE", "JULY SDK UPDATE" & "AUGUST SDK UPDATE" in them which tells you they are getting it on a monthy basis.  You are not revealing anything here we didn't already know.

Its a strange time in this industry.. in middle ware perspective. I would call this stage the lighting and shader. Most companies work with the strengths of the platforms. In x1 case at this point its the esram 32 block.. they try to run there effects directly in esram but there must be balance. Same as with ps4 ddr5 cycles dont play well with cpu there is stalls. When you look at the ace's In the ps4 they have to work within the cycles of ddr5 . So having 45+ cues is not going to help there is no caching or second memory cycles.. x1 doesn't have the issue with there ddr3 cycles granted there not as massive in bandwidth. But they can read quad data rates. So in effective they can do things quicker. X1 ace cues are are less but they do more due to being able to issue two cues per pass. There is no point pushing more cues into the memory if it is data cycal depended. Sony has a better cpu multi thread software in thre sdk as they have full access to all cores but one core is for system tasks.. with dx12 optimization sdk hitting soon there will be a 50% boost in cpu multi thread performance and the x1 will use 7 cores for gaming and one core reserved for snap and os. This is what middle ware are waiting for they engines will be able to substitute 2 core 4 threads for middle ware and use ace cues as well and then cach stream into esram cycles. This will free up esram cycles also. Plus data move engines can also pim also. X1 has many benefits over ps4 but every dev will go for easy roots when consoles are in first wave. Its allways been this way. 

Something interesting that phil keeps say about he cares more about fps then one set resolution, and it is tied to this very discussion. And I ant putting words in peoples mouths. Notice that you will need 120fps for the best possible vr/aa experience he is dropping megatons with these comments. Look at how dx12 effective give double the frame rate boost with out changing overheads . Mrc ... vr/aa no point having 30fps per eye @ 1080p. But normal games wont benefit from 120fps due to shader fill rates. The best way to put it. When new sdk comes out fps will be a big wow factor due to dx12 specific features. So to answer the question middle ware is only just starting on x1 architecture thing will get very very interesting at e3 next year.. there is no point showing all your cards at the table.. but now you seen fh2 ha2 qb all look better and better.. tgs will destroy the notion and prospective of gamers 100% impossible to deny what xbox studios will show and it will be in real time .. not trailer after trailer with extra filters frame enhancements 4k 8k rendered video down sampled or photos that are retouched.... Game On !!!!

This is all 100% unconfirmed information and I welcome anyone with tech-smarts to piece into this.  Unfortunately I am not even going to try to decipher this just because I would make a guaranteed mistake.  Please, if you know anyone who would have insight into this please email me 

They opened them another 32mb of esram? 😊
Insider: November the license agreements are open.. the industry will change dramatically.. whats is the most important thing right now is dig the cycles and op/s the mathematical numbers will tell you this answer and the fact that all games next e3 will have no worries with 1080p msaa 4x with new effects. :)

Are you going to go back to the more than 32mb of esram crap now?  We've already established that there is not more than 32mb.  Just drop it and move on.  You look so pathetic at this point.
Sony fans will be happy.. our time will come in November. There in for changes. Live it up sdf.. its not long now :)

There is one more number of the list for truth facts :)
Plus sod definitely edition. Still can't wait for you to see the engine after that :)
Still I ant 100% on this method gor tgs .. but of late the Japanese video gaming community love to search things out.. nintendo direct style on mrx daily :) on my videos it would just be a black screen with a smile face. Hopefully with the final fantasy ac sethoroth theam :)
24 hours of gaming and media news hhmmm couldn't fit that into a 134min stage show.. there will be cheers and then smiles.. that big exclusive sony got is shortly timed e3 2015 it will see an even more dynamic shift to x1.. online markets think avatars and gambling house ... still ant as big as a blow as tomb rader if the sdf felt ill over that they better book in to the hospital of gaf ... cos this ant the only big name exclusive that was housed at Sony... the nice ms is shifting its race is starting ..

Misterx: Great. I think that is big TGS push you heard about after E3.

Insider: Parasite is right ... forward compatibility is not a free option "scraped as a free option". When xbox /360 games are made they had a set standard around 2008 .. but when the c1 tessellation hardware was introduced "unlocked " into 360 games 2008 - 2014 they had to modify aspects of the engine.. the standard had to be changed .. backwards compatibility is a different function even tho games will upscale to 1080p they will not be native... games that are remade / remastered are based on forward compatibility concept. Xbox one will have bc unlocked but I am not sure if every single game will work. It will be like a 360 no added fiction's other then a better upscale 1080p ... halo mcc is a true forward compatibility and it is easy for xbox one architecture to do this that is why we are getting the same level as the last of us but with 3 games halo 1 halo 3 and halo 4 . But halo 2 a is a true remake...
In my personal veiw. An update pack could be released that adds forward compatibility higher upscale with down sampling and high shader due to dx12 as dx12 has a function that allows cu to enhance shader model 3/4 games.. and a form of adaptive aa.. some games on xbox 360 around 2012 all ready had there textures in higher rise .. rage halo 4 battle feald 3 so its no secret that total retooling is not needed.. but ms know that eary back catalogue will not be able to all take use of forward compatabilitys just backwards only..

Hahaha.  So now Forward Compatibility as you have been talking about it is actually just going to be paid HD remasters.....Is that what I am getting?  This super-amazing feature you have literally been going on about for a year now is nothing more than what has been done forever in that they will make HD remasters of games.  You have no led people on for a year only to reveal your inside information as something that has been around for over a decade.  Nice work there 'insider'!

Insider: Yeah the scraping of fc for free is the bad news .. bc is still coming it will still have a bit of enhancing effects due to the upscale.. they can implement a fxaa which is a 50/50 on some games ... but forward compatibility really is a spring board for developing true next gen games... the cost is 50% but with half covered with forward compatibility and ms offering a financial hand its down to 20/5 % which is a huge benefit for developing cycles.. ms will most probably steep up to the plate with forward compatibility to help with 1080p old engine rendering methods you know that code via email bam.. GAME ON :)

Misterx: This is nextgen i expect in games and from 4 gen leap DX12 hardware. I don't remember only Xbox One is fully supports DX12. PS4 is last gen and 1.8TF only.well realmath is  1.8 - 0.4(4 supporting ACEs for compute) = 1.4 x 2 console multiplicand = 2.8TF comparable PC hardware. For Xbox One that will be 2-3 times more at minimum.

Can you just stop already?  You do not know what you are talking about in terms of the systems power and how the system works.  MisterCteam does not have any real knowledge and despite your claims that he has proven his knowledge he has actually yet to be right on almost anything at all.  I have multiple sources saying that MisterCteam is completely wrong on a regular basis.  one of which was the Reddit verified developer.  So sorry to say it, but I would think people more or less laugh in your face than believe a word of what you say.  You are rapidly approaching the laughable pathetic spectrum on the crazy-meter.  


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