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MisterXmedia Carnival of Leaks. August 6th, 2014 - Activision are liars. You are being lied to and insider is the only one with the truth.

Tongue firmly planted in cheek with that title in case you have not noticed.  Don't worry you are not being lied to.  You can trust Activision.  At least as much as you can trust any other developer that is.  This post came less than 24 hours after MisterXmedia's last post in which he ended up listing off about 10 different things in which he could not have been more wrong about.  The major one though was when he said, and I quote
"Insider: You missed the time to post on the good news mrx ea access ... better ad sega ubisoft epic 343 black tusk Activision squire. There going to have there own blades os segment for old console emulation. Good times ... more good news only hours away too :)"
24 hours later that entire quote blew up in MisterXmedia's face on so many different levels.  Let me elaborate on that for you.  In that barely decipherable quote Insider is saying that Activision will be coming out with a program just like EA Access.  Then Activision comes out and says plain and simply:
"Hirshberg mentioned that the publisher has a lot to focus on and to make sure it gets right in the coming months, to keeps its franchises driving and establishing new ones. He explained that of course Activision is always looking at new opportunities to better serve its players and communities, and is always evaluating new business models. Once those models are proven, they’ll pursue them if they think it makes sense for their players and business."
This is exactly what I have said on more than one occasion with this.  I even called it before MisterXmedia even said it that he was going to claim to have additional information in regards to EA Access.   It is incredibly predictable at this point.  Anyway now that you've got the background information let me delve into his saving-face of a post.  This post too was very predictable.  Enjoy!

Insider Daily. Activision signed on to make its own EA Access service in 2015. Halo 5 tech details
Insider: Just got to see a more polished build of halo 5.. I can't believe the developers over at the order think that the graphics fidelity can only be done on ps4.. they need to take off the sony "they live" rose covered glasses .... honestly the graphics from the multi player beta h5 trailer e3 .. the h5 demo I saw to day looked better.. speaking of tech , there using a real render procedure rendering technology that is very similar to forza 5 paint and reflection shaders.There is a great level of joy that I get from him saying that he saw Halo 5.  I am going to try to dig into this a bit if I can.  This was written on August 6th, 2014 which means he is saying he either saw a build of the game on August 5th or the 4th depending on how long MisterXmedia held on to the information.  Now I am sure his defense will be that the post came from a different time, but all of his posts seem to be pretty damn timely so I think it is safe to say that would be a save face for him.  Every indication he gives is that he saw the game recently.  I intend to get a hold of 343 and asking if they've showed off a build to anyone in those two days.  I hope I can get an answer!

The metal glowing from sun and night time moon glow is the most incredible thing I have seen. Halo5 takes full advantage of dual rendering pipelines. One render pipe on the gpu is lighting and shader and environmental effects. This part has direct off load to axi :).. each render pipe has two movie engines one to cpu off load one to axi . Sub surface scattering and a technology that can see ultra high memory textures spread across a whole area. the textures stream in dynamically id6 sort of mega mesh.

Another technical aspect is they can change the resolution on distance objects and textures giving a real distances realistic looking open world this technique also allows more fill rate in direct display plains.

Gears of war x1 is using these techniques so I have been told.. tier 3 texture hardware not software. Halo mcc is using dual render engine mainly in ha2 .. one render engine is running orignal halo 2 the other render pipe is runing h2a remake engine.. june sdk with kinect reservation uncapped :) has allowed low priority to have full high priority access level of gpu performance.. so now devs have 2 high priority threads..

its a big change but early games can not use this inless there using dx12. When dx12 sdk hits next sdk it will bring big changes in cpu allocation priority. There is 4 cores that are not being used currently. But will save this talk intill that sdk is openly or officially announced in the right channels.

Good news coming in about ssod soon .. :)
Its going to get crazy over the next 14 months. :)

In other words.  "Please keep coming back for the next 14 months.  I need the ad revenue because I am unemployed."  I too have an insider that tells me MisterXmedia is unemployed. ;)

Lies!!! .. they will have there access platform ready for x1 by may 2015. There not announcing access at this point due to two huge games shipping this year destiny and cod aw.. but they are definitely signed on. But it would damage there representation if x1 got to play destiny and cod for x1 while the other platfom had to pay full price :) I am glade EA dont think this way.. ...

You DO realize that you do not get to play new release games for the price of the subscription right?  There is no program to "sign on" for.  These are publisher backed programs to increase sales not a customer outreach program back by Microsoft.  Your entire basis for whatever point you are trying to make is completely flawed.
Now lets touch on the "Lies!!!" comment.  First.  They never said they aren't doing it ever.  They said they aren't doing it right now because they are waiting to see how it works out.  That isn't them lieing that is them following basic rules of capitalism in not investing in something that is 100% completely unproven on consoles.  
I think the smart people see the scope that access bring to the gaming community... this will end up being the focus of all aaa development studios.. it will allow a one of fee which will see content added at random intervals. The games would never be static.
No need to wait for certified updates as the games will be dynamic.. the problem that has plagued all first wave games..

I do not care about convincing anyone from his site that he is full of crap, but at a certain point even they have to accept that facts are facts.  When Activision specifically address something and prove you wrong you do not get to just say they are lairs.  If that were the case then why on earth do you take so much stock in the things Microsoft say?


It would appear that another member of the MisterXmedia community will be joining the ranks of the banned.  She is questioning insider.


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